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Yerfdog Costume Party Contest! Free Winter Pack!

Here's a little contest to get to test the Winter Pack, and then have a free copy of it thereafter.

The Contest:

I want 3 people to be testers, so make up a simple contest for two other people to win! That's the contest. I'm not sure that's clear enough, so an example would be "I think the first two people to type FLOGWIZZLE in chat should win!" That's a very bad entry, and I hope you can do better. But as you can see, your goal is to invent a contest for other people to win their own Winter Packs.


1 - You must own the Creator's Pass already (Winter Pack doesn't function without it)
2 - One entry per person
3 - A winner will be chosen on Saturday, November 15th, so get in before that
4 - Email or PM your entry to jamul@hamumu.com (PM to Jamul, me)
5 - Your contest must be do-able over a 1-week period, and have 2 winners.

The winning entry receives free early access to the Winter Pack (in beta - warning, it will be full of bugs and I will hope that you find them for me!). Then the two winners of the contest that the first winner made up will also win Winter Pack access!

Got it? Could that possibly be more confusing?
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