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Talking Peanut Butter Month

November is national peanut butter month. Woooo!!! I wonder which month is national jam month
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.Blue Dwarf.
King of the Shrooms
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Default Re: Peanut Butter Month

*eats a spoon full of peanut butter to celebrate*

Randumb Fact(Actually, it's not random at all considering where I is posting it): Peanuts aren't nuts, they are beans!

I bet they had you all fooled(or atleast afew of you!)! FOOLED I SAY!
Erm, anyway... Happy Peanut Butter month peoples!
*Goes to do a fact check on 'Peanut Butter Month' and the bean thing*

Oh my, it appears that it is not "Peanut Butter Month," but rather "Peanut Butter LOVER'S Month."
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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Default Re: Peanut Butter Month

whats peanut butter month?
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Dumb Person
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Default Re: Peanut Butter Month

I eat peanut butter every month. It's nutricious and flavourful, something even a mother could approve of.

But some fans of peanut butter take it too far!

[no pic]

Last edited by Jamul; 11-21-2008 at 07:34 AM. Reason: inappropriate link in pic
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Tight Like Spandex
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Default Re: Peanut Butter Month

peanut lover monthhh
Evig em lla ruoy suoiciled yenom
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Default Re: Peanut Butter Month

I'm very picky for peanut butter. I only eat the kraft crunchy peanut butter, and never on toast, and never on whole wheat bread.
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