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Lord of Blobs
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Default My website!

And this time its better. Um...Yeah.
So um... Go there.
And um...Check the website regularly.
The blog is not a dead blog.
Ill try to update it every so often...
so check it out...every so often.
Anyway. If you have any ideas for stuff to put on my website, then tell me.
And for the people who have already sent my ideas (At the first time of this writing...none)


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She & her pronouns
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Default Re: My website!

Logo: Cute! ^^
Games Page: Oh thank you for not spamming Flash Games in there.
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Just a FunLoving Turbo Penguin
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Default Re: My website!

It is pretty nice and I really like the logo
Though you could add more games

Now you don't mess with perfection.
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Evil, random-voting vegetable
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Default Re: My website!


They are incredibly huge. It also helps if you resize the image itself rather than have the page resize the image for you.
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is Awsum
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Default Re: My website!

The logo is very cute!
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