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Default Awesome Tricks and such

In this thread you need to post little things that are interesting, that no one knew they could do before. I know of one right now:
All Programs-
System tools-
Character map

I did. ¥  ☼ ♫ ۩ ¶
Тħĩ§ īŠ ƒǖŊ!

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.Blue Dwarf.
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Default Re: Awesome Tricks and such

It's not really fair to say that these are tricks that "no one knew before" if the first one is known by many people.
Anyone who has ever taken the less than ten minutes to look through their programs. Which you should do when you first get your computer.

Anyway, glad you found it and had fun with it though, it is a useful tool.
Yes.... You'll note the dot under the a. I got that from the character map, and hoped it would be copy pasted thus getting someone out... Probably should've used it on a longer name...

I have no 'Tricks' to suggest, I guess if the character map counts as a trick then I may have afew, but I'll let you peoples read through your programs and you'll probably find them.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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Default Re: Awesome Tricks and such

Windows Calculator has a scientific version.
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Default Re: Awesome Tricks and such

♫We all live in a Yellow Submarine
I am not here anymore alas. Anyone is welcome to IM me or email me attheninjaoffrozenmilk@hotmail.com, my Skype is Yukigo_Kurosaki
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