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Default Y$ Raffle

Y$ Raffle
Feeling lucky? Then get a raffle ticket and you might win 20 to 55 Y$! Extra raffles are from 5 to 7 Y$ each (Up to 3.) (Note: This isn't gambling. This is luck and chance.) (Other people get 4, alternatives 2.)

Tickets: 12 Y$ (8 Y$ per extra drawing.). One per person.

Hurry, only 15 spaces are avaliable!

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Default Re: Y$ Raffle

Can you expand on the prize? How much exactly is won, and how many people win?
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Default Re: Y$ Raffle

(Note: luck and chance, when applied to money, ARE gambling!)
(of course, Yerfbucks aren't real money, so it's not illegal... as far as I know)

Also, anyone who participates of course does so at their own risk, and Hamumu doesn't endorse this, and all that.
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Default Re: Y$ Raffle

15 to 50 Y$ nah morea 20 to 60 Y$ for me

this is not a sig, it is a song.
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Default Re: Y$ Raffle

I'll take one.

Y$ sent.

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I'm not here.
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Default Re: Y$ Raffle

Make it 8YB for 1st and 4YB for others and it's a deal.
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