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Does not exist. Fnord.
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Default Re: God.

Originally Posted by Coolguy View Post
I was kidding.
I figured as much... that's why I responded with somewhat of a . And Ubernoob, he said HUNGRY aliens.

Anyway, yeah, if you see something that seems suspiciously like the rapture, you may want to read the Revelation and at the very least keep an eye out for more events of the end times.
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Default Re: God.

Duly Noted, I don't think the worlds gonna end anytime soon. Besides, if God is real, I'm most certainly going to Happyponyland, I've never read the Bible in my life.
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Default Re: God.

Well, if god was a fair individual, we would go to heaven even if we didn't beleive in him.

If your parents were seperated from you as a kid, and you haven't seen them for ages, would they be mad if you lost hope in meeting them again?

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