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Default Re: T&T Dungeon 4: Temple of Elemental Badness

Huzzah! We can keep making cliché plots!

I really liked the new system. It wasn't too complex like your last game. My favorite levels in the game were the fire level and the water level, since they both involved a lot of exploring. The air level and the earth level were pretty straightforward.

I'll see if I can start my game tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for playing, everyone! And thanks for hosting, Coolguy!
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I'm not here.
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Default Re: T&T Dungeon 4: Temple of Elemental Badness

Originally Posted by Coolguy View Post

... Connor used his fire-magic to deflect the fireballs away. Now most of the room was covered in an immense smoke cloud.
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Default Re: T&T Dungeon 4: Temple of Elemental Badness

Oops, I meant Hyperme there... But anyways, my thoughts on the game and the concepts I tried out, in huge-ugly-wall-of-text form! Bwahahaha! >: D

Spellbook System
This idea worked very well! It gave the players a lot of ways to vary their character without the over-complications of the spell chart, and I could add in more spellbook possibilities if anybody (*cough* PK! *cough*) got too close to maxing things out. It also rewarded players for exploring the map.

There were a couple problems with it. For instance, towards the end, some people fell behind while others surged ahead. I think this could be solved by what PK is doing (giving spellbooks to everybody after each battle).

Another problem was 'entrenched' skills. Players could mostly upgrade the moves they got at the game's beginning rather than replace them with later moves, thus saving more slots for them to get more upgrades! This meant that players probably wouldn't try expanding very much beyond the original moveset. So if I ran another game with spellbooks, upgrades would not give any bonuses to moves; Only to base stats (speed, armor, life, etc), and maybe I wouldn't give a set of basic moves, so players would have to find some moves in the world.

Overall, the spellbooks were a good system, and I'll be using some variant of it in my future games.

Healing and Summoning
I think I'll go back to giving players some sort of healing ability... Although it will be nerfed!

I think the best way to nerf healing would be to have healing moves go really slowly (as in, they all give speed penalties, the opposite of how melee moves give speed bonuses), so that enemies can pick off a damaged player in time.

Summoning in this game was interesting, but I think I'll go back to being able to summon actual monsters to fight at your side. I'll probably still have most of them AI-controlled like in this game, so instead of being controlled completely by a player, they'll always target the weakest enemy or something like that. I'll still use something like the field-effect summoning from this game as weather effects; Hail hitting the weakest enemy for 2D for several turns, and such.

New Stats
The speed statistic was a good idea. It solved problems with things happening at the same time and allowed for some interesting new concepts (moves based on current speed, melee abilities, etc).

The only problem with it was that it was mostly useless for many classes, since the characters who would use it are the melee-heavy Geomancer (who is already very slow!) and the moves-based-on-speed-using Aeromancer. The Hydromancer and the Pyromancer both had a few melee attacks in the possible move list, but they did not need them.

If I used the speed stat again, I'd make sure all classes had a bunch of moves that used speed somehow.

Intelligence is a statistic I won't be using again. I mostly used it as an experiment so I could have much larger battles (such as the air elemental one) without having to play super-easy on the main characters. It just added too much luck to the game, as PK mentioned to me earlier.

The Geomancer was a lot of fun to make, with all of his melee abilities and moves based on armor. My only gripe is that he turned out to be extremely good at both damage and defense! I think I'll make him much less damaging in future games. Of the more interesting Geomancer moves not seen, there was Cave-In (which hit all units, friends and enemies, with a small amount of damage but did significantly more to enemies), Living Asteroid (same as the Summon Golem but it smacked the healthiest unit instead of the weakest one), and Invincibility (a passive that made the user immune to non-piercing attacks that deal 2 or less damage before subtracting armor).

The Hydromancer was also fun to build. Along with the Aeromancer, he got poison powers since there was no Necromancer in this game. The new variant of Tidal Wave was interesting, and he had many moves and passives that weren't seen. Of the more fun moves and passives missed, there was Tsunami (a move that hit all enemies for a small amount of damage, which Tropico had in the water elemental fight), Shark Attack (a powerful melee attack that was shark-only), Cleanse (cures the target of all buffs and debuffs so it's both an offensive and defensive move), the Bends (a powerful poison move that took a turn to charge like Gravity Hammer), and Sponge (where the user hides, absorbs damage (but not anything else) from blocked moves, and then fires it all next turn with a speed penalty). I think if I have the Hydromancer in my next game, I'll make the shapeshifting powers instants and only last during the turn cast, so the wizard changes forms constantly like in the Ninja Lair.

The Pyromancer had lots of crazy damage. Unfortunately, I didn't give it very much defensive abilities. Yes, the Pyromancer is intended to be an offensive-heavy character, but in the other games that used Pyromancers, they always died very quickly. In future games, I'll probably give the Pyromancer an ''offensive'' sort of defense, with things like immolation and hides that deal lots of damage to failed attackers. The missed Pyromancer moves that weren't boring were Self Destruct (lots of damage but kills user!), Sentient Magma (a summon that gave the healthiest enemy -1 armor, and lasted 3 turns), and Phoenix (user can use a move the turn after death, so the Pyromancer can get in one last death-move! You can't self-destruct while dead, though). The other moves were all mostly basic damage attacks.

The Aeromancer, like the Pyromancer, had problems with defensive abilities, which was why I gave Connor an upgrade to give him a point of armor. The Aeromancer did have quite a few ''evasive'' abilities like hides and blocks, but they mostly required having certain moves, most of which he never got access too because he didn't get many spellbooks! If I have a game with an Aeromancer again, the Aeromancer will start with a few evasive defensive moves. I gave the Aeromancer a few poison moves (but you all only saw Toxic Dart), and the Aeromancer had a bunch of instant powers. The interesting moves Connor missed were Epic Dodge (an instant that treated all incoming attacks this turn as melee), Blow Away (target can't use melee abilities for 2 turns), Whirlwind (Hides the user and does a lot of damage to attackers, but costs 2E), Airhead (a move that did a lot of damage, but only do enemies with <50 IQ), Toxic Gas (poisoned a couple units), Power of Storms (Instant. Gave 1 energy, so it was pretty much a free energy every couple of turns) and Acid Cloud (poisons all enemies with a very weak poison).

For the Electromancer, I had planned to give him a variety of robot summons and a bunch of abilities and passives that were based on his current amount of energy. However, SpaceManiac dropped out, so I distributed the summons among the other players. The Electromancer had a ton of interesting moves that were missed, but I'm too lazy to list them. They were mostly energy-steal/energy-destroy powers, attacks that dealt damage based on current enemy, abilities that gave energy somehow, and buffs that gave tons of bonus stats based on current energy (like a force field move giving energy/2 armor for a few turns). The Electromancer also originally had most of the instant moves, which were given to the Aeromancer.

I made a Necromancer as a prototype list of spellbooks, since they're my favorite class, but nobody picked him! He had the poison powers before the Aeromancer and Hydromancer, as well as more interesting curses (which weren't just damage-over-times, but super-debuffs and only one could be active on the field at a time). He also had several instant-kill powers, but the Hydromancer inherited two of them, so they still appeared in the game. He also had Deprive Oxygen (called Brain Death). And, of course, the Necromancer had summons before the Electromancer did, but he only had two (which became the golem and asteroid when PK inherited the moves later).

The focus on exploring and puzzle-solving was a good idea. There was only four battles, but none of them were 'garbage' battles. The only problem was that with only four battles, it was impossible to get a lot of possible situations, so some moves became much more useful or useless.

The final battle was good, because it actually forced players to make a tactical decision and not kill all the crystals! I was interested in seeing which one the players would preserve.

This dungeon made good time; I was afraid of not making the deadline, but you guys killed the boss faster than I expected (he had four armor and 30 HP!!!). The deadline for the dungeon was May 3 (since there's a three-month deadline for dungeons), so we still had a little less than a week left over.

So yeah, this dungeon was very successful. Good luck with your dungeon, PK!
T&T- New Region!

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Default Re: T&T Dungeon 4: Temple of Elemental Badness

The Geomancer was a lot of fun to make, with all of his melee abilities and moves based on armor. My only gripe is that he turned out to be extremely good at both damage and defense!
You should nerf the Charge move for future games. That move did a lot of damage! 3x(3A+3A from Stoneskin)+1 = 19 damage for only 1 energy! What an offer!
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