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The Demagogue
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Default Crouching dragon?

HIDDEN TIGER! In this image the is a tiger, but you must find the hidden tiger in it. Good luck!
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Sonic Rainboom!
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Default Re: Crouching dragon?

There it is!
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Connor S.
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Default Re: Crouching dragon?

How do you do a spoiler again?

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Veteran Programmer
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Default Re: Crouching dragon?

Not too shabby.
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Katamari Damacy yay!
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Default Re: Crouching dragon?

[ spoiler ]Text[/ spo iler]
That way. (Without spaces)

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Dumb Person
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Default Re: Crouching dragon?

Ohhhhh! I see, that's amazing! Here's the spoiler
the stripes on the shown tiger make up the words "THE HIDDEN TIGER"

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Lynch: Drgamer
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Default Re: Crouching dragon?

But can you find the NINJA? (That's plural)
Short story stuff!
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