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Default Anyone interested in the return of SHFBA?

Remember that really old battle game with no continuity that was really just a random time-passer I started a long time ago and kept procrastinating on updating it until it died a swift, painful death? Well, I recently remembered it and though of new ways to innovate it. It'll basically be the old one except with;

1. New rewards that stick with you such as experience points (leading to level ups), money, fans, and honor.
2. A much more organized system (consisting of monthly (maybe bi-monthly) free-for-all brawls with players having an opportunity to Adventure (wait and see) or challenge other players to duels for experience and honor. Maybe occasional tournaments).
3. More abilities.
4. Seasons consist of 5 brawls followed by the top few players competing in the Champion's Brawl, which gives a Champion's Medal, tons of fans, tons of money, and major bragging rights.
5. If you gain enough money and honor, you can build your own arenas (wait and see)!
6. If you come up with a good idea voted in by the majority of current players (regardless of whether you play or not), I will implement it in the Monthly Update.
7. Lurkers, after 48 hours, can be voted out by the players themselves instead of automatically being kicked.
8. An expanded achievements system.

More ideas will be added if I think of them. I am looking for interested players (veterans from V2.0 and V1.5 will be given higher status than new players. In other words, their characters start new, but they automatically get achievements pertaining to things they did back then, along with the ability to host battles and some automatically being parts of the rulemaking counsel). I'd also like people to be able do make artwork for Arenas, possibly someone willing to make a website, and, of course, average players interested enough and able to check in every 2 days. If I garner enough interest, I'll start it back up again. If I can handle this with relative ease, I'll possibly restart Zombie Survival RPG (although it will be a total restart, as I forgot all plot details, and forgot to write them down).

Veterans of 1.5: Julian, Happystickman, CheeseLord, chaucer
Veterans of 2.0: Ufo-Man, Hammer Up!, .Blue Dwarf.

Banned people were not counted.


1. Reecer6
2. Hammer Up!
3. chaucer
4. .Blue Dwarf.
5. Julian
6. Ufo-Man
7. Happystickman
8. Hyperme
9. Mr. Mean (my brother, reserved for him if he joins the forum)
Sigs are for the weak.

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