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. Yellow Wizard .
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Unhappy My Cat died

How I am so sad.
His name was Snickerdoodle, because he looked like the treat of the same name. He was very weak, so we planned to take him to the vet today, but He died overnight.
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Default Re: My Cat died

Man. I hate it when pets die. They become pretty much just like family members. Dogs and cats especially. And my dog is beginning to reach that age (although she still acts like a puppy, albeit a rather lazy one)
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Default Re: My Cat died

I'm so sorry for you. I had to have my oldest cat put down. He was 19 years old, and the only day the vet could do it was Christmas Eve... that wasn't fun.
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Default Re: My Cat died

You have my sympathies, it's really tough losing a pet. But as sad as it is, it's a good idea to get a another cat. Rather then be sad about the pet you've lost, it's good to start building up more memories with another pet. That's not to say you should forget your other pet, you should just do something to keep your mind off it a little bit, so you don't feel so bad. Of course, you may do what you like, this is just my opinion.
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Devon Rose
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Default Re: My Cat died

That's actually what happened to one of my cats... died before we could get it to the vet. And my other cat (9 years old) got lost for 5 months, never ate anything during that period -- so he had failing kidneys & had to put him down.

It's very sad when you lose a pet -- especially if they're a childhood one.

Sorry to hear you lost your cat... usually what I do is try to distract myself so I don't think about it, then as time passes it doesn't hurt as much.
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Default Re: My Cat died

August, 2008. My Black cat had to be put down. And I had him My whole ten year life.
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Default Re: My Cat died

I've lost four cats(that i can remember)and I have two left.

I is evil! hahahahaha!!!
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