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Default Re: Favorite song

Originally Posted by PlasmaCannonsRule View Post
DragonForce (they have given the majority of the populace the wrong definition of power metal. If you listen to DragonForce, stop and listen to Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, HammerFall, Manowar, anything but DragonForce)
Oh no. Not DragonForce. Their songs are all the same, and is their guitar work even real? I heard rumors of it being fake.

And YES, Sonata Arctica pwns. Big time. I'm currently listening to Flag In The Ground, which is an awesome song. (As stated earlier, their new album is just extreme pwnage!)

Also, I really like folk metal too. (The 'not-keyboard-overloaded' kind)

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Default Re: Favorite song

Oh man. I could live just sitting in a room, alone, listening to Blind Guardian forever. Best band of all time. Great lyrics, great songwriting, best singer ever, unique sound, everything to love and nothing not to. Well, except for "Fly". That's the 1 song I do not absolutely adore. I demand "Turn The Page" or "Bright Eyes" to be played instead of "Happy Birthday" on my birthday. Either "The Script for My Requiem" or "And The Story Ends" to be played at my funeral. I've always been a huge fan of epic fantasy, and Blind Guardian is the closest I can get other than a book. Actually, I listen to Blind Guardian when I read.

Needless to say, Blind Guardian is a very awesome band. I recommend everyone listen to some.

*wishes Blind Guardian streamed some of their songs on YouTube so I could link them*
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Default Re: Favorite song

For now.

DooM : Sign of Evil
DooM : Countdown to Death (familiar somehow)
Gubble 2 : Lava 3
Gubble 2 : Waste 2
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Default Re: Favorite song

I listen to Dragonforce, and am proud of it.
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