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Thumbs up Chat Rules

Alright, time for an official thread regarding chat rules.

1. No spam (nor flooding. This includes stuff like posting lots of numbers, singing, etc)
2. Family friendly, that's how we like it! (Nothing you wouldn't say around your family!)
3. No Youtube links, you can use something else to link to the videos, as long as it doesn't show the comments such as Youtube video embeds using Wombat.
4. No foreign language (anything other then English. This is to make sure everybody knows what you're saying!)
5. No leet speak. (talking using numbers and whatnot)
6. No mafia chatting, that's against mafia rules!
7. Respect others, if something bothers someone, even if you think it's fine, don't do it! This also includes not bullying others.
8. Don't be rude, please be nice to your fellow chatters!
9. No cussing, if you want to cuss, go somewhere else. (This includes covering it up using *s)

If anything here is missing just say so, and I'll consider adding it.
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Last edited by Blackduck; 01-23-2012 at 09:58 PM. Reason: one rule is now N/A
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