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Default Hamumu Halloween HQ

Welcome to the
Hamumu Halloween Headquarters!

This thread was created to make our time before halloween fun on hamumu! Contribute stuff like halloween pictures, music, links, videos, and your bhe's!
I realize there are some other threads for halloween on hamumu, but this is just something i wanted to make.
Those threads can be found here:

Stuff to start it off!

Haunted house game (Has been around for a few years, but i play it every year)

Halloween icon collection

More later!

I'll add more stuff, if everyone else on hamumu contributes something to the halloween fun!

NOTE: I made this thread because my favorite holiday is halloween.
My favorite month is october, favorite season is fall, and favorite colors are orange, black, green, and purple.
AKA, i love halloween.


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Default Re: Hamumu Halloween HQ

Originally Posted by fourwind View Post

Not sure if these can be considered your things if you're just posting links to them or posting images from other websites!
Download Hank's Toolbox to mod your Loonyland 2 or use these reference files to learn more about making your own mods!

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Default Re: Hamumu Halloween HQ

Perhaps change it to "Fourwind's finds"

Anyway, I might put some stuff in here... Maybe....
Later though, it's not close enough to Halloween yet...
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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