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Default Re: I'm leaving.

I suppose since I sort of coined "ideasteal" I'd better explain it.

1) "Ideastealing" refers only to Costume Party.
2) "Ideasteal" means to copy a level almost exactly, as in the DDR/MMR case. Using other people's names in your level, while impolite, isn't "ideastealing."
3) The so-called "Galleries of Ideasteal" are, by definition, not "ideastealing." They combine the old concepts in new ways (or let you look at them while doing walking/jumping puzzles.
4) A level that is inspired by a concept shown in another level is not "ideastealing." It is merely being inspired by the other level's core concept.
5) Occasionally "ideastealing" may refer to copying an exact (usually decorative) construct. This is not major in any way, nor is regular "ideastealing."

Originally Posted by AtkinsSJ
The way I see it, if you have a cool idea for a level, then if another person uses that idea too, you get two good levels, and it's a compliment that they liked your idea.
This is true. I only have a problem with it when both levels are almost exactly the same, in which case it's somewhat like playing the same level twice rather than two different levels.

Originally Posted by LRT
It's not small, it's plagiarism! I'm willing to forgive Yourter, but really, blatant plagiarism isn't "small".
"Ideasteal" is not plagiarism. Definetly not Costume Party plagiarism, which is the only place "ideasteal" applies. Plagiarism would be exactly the same, whilst "ideastealing" is almost exactly the same, and is only bad in that you must go through the same level twice with little added value between the two levels.

I hope this has cleared a lot up.

Thanks (in Ducky's style )
. . SpaceManiac

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