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Default Re: Game Design

I'm not sure I'm smart enough to be capable of handling/staying organized with a lot of code (unfortunately, since even small games have hundreds of lines)
This is what the design process is for. (Or, at least, having a few diagrams to see what you're doing) I just did a quick count in Spacecraft, and the code there probably takes up about 3,500 lines of code. (The raw count is 4050, but that includes blank lines, comments, etc) Some people might be underestimating how much work goes into a professional game.

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Default Re: Game Design

its all about formatting. and having a program that numbers each line. and leaving notes for yourself within the code.

also: I found out that the danmakufu game engine only works if your computer has a japanese locale on it. theres a way to work around it, but its really difficult and not worth it. perhaps I'll start working with the mugen game engine, and eventually making a full game with it.
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