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Default Re: Zombie Survival RPG 3

OOC: So, sorry for the delay. Wasn't really busy: just lazy.

Jacob and Levi turned around as Rusty stood behind them, hissing with his back arched. Nothing was there, and they had enough sight to see that there wasn't a horde coming. "What the heck?" thought Jacob. "Watch out!" yelled Levi behind him, pushing him to the ground. Levi then grabbed a shard of glass from the shattered window of a nearby car and drove it into the neck of a zombie that was swooping down on top of them. A thin membrane stretched from its wrists to its ankles. "Gliders. Nasty beasts. I've seen them kill countless folk who aren't aware of their existence." said Levi, stretching out a hand to help Jacob up. "Thanks." Jacob said. Then, a huge blast knocked them to the ground. A lopsided truck and two motorcycles sped out of a blazing gas station. Levi pointed down a back alley. "Let's go! We might be able to intercept them on the other side!"
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