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Teddy the president?
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Default Re: #9, #12, #22

can someone guide me through this or tell me where i can find the answer? will trade black box answer for this info.

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Default Re: #9, #12, #22

I am completely stuck on #9, I've been working on it for days and can't get anything out of it. Someone PM me with a hint please.
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Default Re: #9, #12, #22

#9 Uncoordinated:

This one stumped me, because I had the right method but a slightly altered key text for breaking the code. My advice to you is to start at the very, very beginning. This same key text appears in a few different places on the www, and many of them start a little after the beginning. That will throw you off and lead to a nonsense answer.

#12 Future History:

Again, I had the right key text, and I was even trusting the National Archives -- maybe a bit too much. I also ended up having to go to the very beginning, not of the key text but to the beginning version of the key text.

So maybe a better hint is: the pen is mightier than the typewriter. And it's worth keeping in mind that some ideas can be written as one word or two words, so you might want to apply a little fuzz factor as you work through the key text.

#22 Need a Pen, Pal?

If you've cracked the cipher and you're still stuck, you'll need to do some research. The first couple of lines should be easy and straightforward to look up -- they are both very specific, and they have a very specific thing in common. Once you figure that out, then you're down the homestretch -- because the third line has that same thing in common, and it's really just a matter of some very easy (if you've got the key!) research.
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i read thru the hints and everything, but i'm STILL super clueless, can some1 please PM me the answers for # 9 and # 22? please and ty

i read thru this forum over and over again, i'm stil really clueles and lost, can some1 please pm or email the answer for #9 and #22, thank you

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