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Default Daily Mafia Puzzles

Mafia Puzzles are exactly what they sound like- puzzles designed to help players notice evidence in mafia games and overall, allow them to play the game better than before. I'll try to get a new puzzle up and to post the previous puzzle's answer every day, but due to life, I may miss a day here or there.

In addition, the puzzles have a little incentive: the first person to PM the correct answer to me will receive 1-5 Yerfbucks, depending on the difficulty of the puzzle. Also, everybody who gets the correct answer will receive "points" equal to the Yerfbucks that puzzle was worth. Monthly and yearly prizes may be given based on who has the most points.

If you have an idea for a puzzle, PM it to me! If I like it, it may be used as a future puzzle! All puzzles will have credit given to their creators.

Oh, and please do not post answers or any kind of spoilers publicly until I have revealed the answer.

Mafia Puzzle #1: 1 Cop, 1 Mafia (3YB)

A mafia game is nearing itís end. There are three remaining players, Mumblebob, Loony, and yourself. The only non-mafia power role remaining is the cop, and there is only one mafia left. A mislynch today means that the mafia wins. You are a mason and have been proven town. Using Mumblebobís and Loonyís posts, determine who is mafia and lead the town to victory.

: I am the cop, and Iíve found that Loony is a mafia! Vote: Loony
Seeing as how the last mafia can only be one of us two , and since I know I am not mafia, you must be mafia. Iím not surprised that you would try a trick like that. Vote: Mumblebob
Wow, thanks for counter-claiming, you mafia scum. Why canít you just admit defeat and let yourself be lynched? To be honest, Iím amazed that youíve survived this long, considering how you started a bandwagon on Bonehead, the doctor, on Day 3.
I had valid reasons for voting Bonehead, and I notice that you jumped on the bandwagon right as he was about to be lynched. Nobody had any idea that he was doctor. Had he claimed as the doctor, I would have unvoted him unless somebody else counterclaimed.
Well, nobody counterclaimed, so you could very easily be lying about that. You also gloated over the doctorís death the next day, so I think itís pretty likely that you were trying to kill him.
So itís scummy to by sorry that we accidentally lynched a power role?
Itís a very common scumtell. Everybody knows that itís bad for the town, so why bother to point it out?
If I was mafia, why would I post an obvious scumtell?
What reason is there to post a scumtell if youíre town?
Firstly, I see that youíre avoiding my question. Maybe because you know that Iím right? Second, I posted what I did because I was sad about the doctorís death. Obviously, this wonít change your mind, but I was not trying to sound like I was ďgloatingĒ in any way whatsoever.
I didnít avoid your question; I answered it with a rethorical question (which I see you had to answer anyway). Also, you used that question you claim I ďavoidedĒ to avoid my own question. You must be getting desperate if you have to use evidence against you to make a case against me.

Who is the mafia? Mumblebob or Loony?

PM me your answer sometime within the next 24 hours. The first player with the correct answer will receive 3 Yerfbucks!

AGLA FL15 Pro Circuit Champion - Tank for Hybrid Theory (AGLA) - Captain/Hybrid for Zero Logic (GGL)

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Chaos sold separately.
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Default Re: Daily Mafia Puzzles

I likely will not be online for the remainder of the day, so I might as well post this now:

Puzzle #1 Solution:
Loony is the mafia! First off, he never actually counterclaims as the cop- therefore, this means that Mumblebob is the cop and Loony the mafia. Also, Loony never actually brings up any evidence against Mumblebob, and Mumblebob's posts reveal evidence of Loony's scum-ness.

The winner of the 3YB's is bowserfan.

Mafia Puzzle #2: A Game of Dethy
Dethy is a special game of mafia typically played with five players. There is usually one mafia, one normal cop, one naÔve cop, one paranoid cop, and one insane cop. This puzzle will give you the list of inspections from each player. Using these lists, find each playerís role. Lists are arranged in the order in which the players revealed their inspections. In this particular game of Dethy, dead players are allowed a last gasp.

Day 1:
Loony is found dead. Remaining players: Mumblebob, Bonehead, Whatsit, Bouapha
Bonehead: Found Bouapha Guilty
Bouapha: Found Mumblebob Innocent
Loony: Found Mumblebob Innocent
Mumblebob: Found Bouapha Innocent
Whatsit: Found Loony Innocent
Day 2:
Bouapha is found dead. Remaining players: Mumblebob, Bonehead, Whatsit
Whatsit: Found Mumblebob Guilty
Mumblebob: Found Bonehead Guilty
Bouapha: Found Bonehead Guilty
Bonehead: Found Mumblebob Guilty

What is each player's role? (Normal Cop, Naive Cop, Paranoid Cop, Insane Cop, Mafia)

The first person to PM me the correct answer will win 4YBs.

AGLA FL15 Pro Circuit Champion - Tank for Hybrid Theory (AGLA) - Captain/Hybrid for Zero Logic (GGL)
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Chaos sold separately.
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Default Re: Daily Mafia Puzzles

Puzzle #2
Bonehead: Paranoid, Bouapha: Insane, Loony: NaÔve, Mumblebob: Mafia, Whatsit: Normal
Reasons: Since Bonehead is the only one who got a guilty result Day 1, he must be paranoid. Mumblebob first finds Bouapha innocent. Bouapha later dies, proving him innocent. This means that Mumblebob can only be naÔve, normal, or mafia. Day 2, Mumblebob finds Bonehead Guilty. Bonehead has already been proven town, and Mumblebob cannot be insane/paranoid, therefore proving Mumblebob to be the liar/mafia. Loony and Bouapha both found Mumblebob Innocent, therefore meaning that one of them is insane and the other naÔve. Bouapha finds Bonehead (who is proven town) guilty, and since Bouapha is killed and proven town, he must be insane. This means that Loony must be the naÔve cop, and that leaves Whatsit to be the normal cop.

The winner of the 4YBs is CheeseLord.

Mafia Puzzle #3: Finding the Cop
In a mafia game, the mafia gain a huge advantage if they are able to find and eliminate the cop. There are several common tells of a cop. Using posts from a day in a mafia game, determine the identity of the cop.

Mumblebob: Good morning townies! Since random voting can help us get information, I will random Vote: Zomboni.
Zomboni: Randomly killing townies definitely won't help us at all. I don't see any good reason for a random vote. Vote: Mumblebob
Yerfdog: Random voting is much different than random lynching, and it's a common game strategy.

Zomboni: Don't you mean a common MAFIA strategy?
Loony: I love how Zomboni is overreacting to a harmless random vote. This is exactly what random votes are supposed to do. Vote: Zomboni
Yerfdog: I agree that his overreactions are suspicious, but I don't think we should lynch somebody based on this evidence alone.
Loony: Seeing as how it's day 1, little evidence is better than no evidence.
Bouapha: Wow, two votes on Zomboni already. It's still very early in the game, I don't see the point of such an early bandwagon.
Bonehead: Why are we all voting Zomboni? Lots of people think that random voting is sketchy.
Mumblebob: Wow, wasn't expecting a bandwagon. Unvote since I don't want to lynch Zomboni just yet.
Loony: Zomboni isn't suspicious because he didn't like random voting, but rather because he overreacted to it.
Zomboni: You should all listen to Bonehead, there's no reason to vote me because I don't like random voting.
Bonehead: I never said that there's no reason to vote you. I simply said that one can't determine whether somebody is mafia by whether or not they like random voting.
Zomboni: Still, all of you (except for Bonehead) are overreacting to me not liking random voting.

Yerfdog: You know, I would think that a townie would have let the random vote thing drop by now. Also, it seems like Zomboni is trying to make it look like Bonehead is "teaming up" with him.
Bonehead: I am not in any sort of "team" with Zomboni, and I must say that I don't like how he's trying to make it look like I am. Vote: Zomboni
Mumblebob: I have to agree, since we don't have any other leads, I will Vote: Zomboni
Mystical: Zomboni is not acting like a townie at all. Vote: Zomboni
Loony: Zomboni really seems like he's mafia, looks like I was right to not unvote him.
Yerfdog: I might as well just end this now. Hope he's mafia! Vote: Zomboni

Who is the cop?

The first person with the correct answer will receive 2 Yerfbucks.


AGLA FL15 Pro Circuit Champion - Tank for Hybrid Theory (AGLA) - Captain/Hybrid for Zero Logic (GGL)
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