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Default Boneheads's Signature Pic Store (Like LRT did)

Hi. Like LRT did, I am selling 80x300-500 Pixel Photos that contain whatever text you want it to show.

To get one, follow these steps:

1. Choose a Background
Singular-colored background - 0 yb
Two-colored striped background - 1 yb
Two-colored polka dotted background - 1 yb
Specific photo that you give me - 2 yb
Other - 1 yb - 10 yb
2. Choose a font (For your text)
No text - 0 yb
Normal Font (You say which one) - 1 yb
WordArt - 2 yb
WordArt Fonts: (Number Labeled yay)

3. Choose some text
No text - 0 yb
A Username - 1 yb
Some Text - 1 yb
Some Text containing odd symbols that are not on the QWERTY keyboard - 5 yb
REFUNDS: Yes, full refunds
PAYMENT: I give you it, Then you give me Yerfbucks
TWOFORONE: If you buy 2 of these sig photos at THE SAME TIME, you get them for the price of one +1 yerfbuck
The highest you will ever get one for is 17 ybs. cheap. lowest? 0 ybs.

EDIT: There's two example siggys! Look at my sig below, and look at this one (which jamul can use if he is nice)

Nah I'm pretty sure know that he's never gonna use that. But still there's a sample.

So yeah, Please buy one!

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