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Default Random Movie Preview Challenge

We were talking randomly on the chat when I came up with a fantastical idea. You know the random movie previews? Well, try this: go to the random fun page, generate a movie preview and then write a story about it in this thread! It doesn't have to be long, just a few paragraphs or something. I'll edit mine in in a minute.

(I wasn't sure whether to put this in GB or TM...tricky one)

In a world...

Where clothing is the only way...

ONE wrestler...

Must defeat the countless army of a legendary turtle...

And change the world.

Coming Summer 2021 to a holotheater near you.

Frank tensed his muscles. "Well, here we go." He walked out into the wrestling arena. He had to wrestle with clothes on, because the turtle Alweizav Clothzon had risen to power a few years ago and had since made everyone always wear clothes. He had tricked people into thinking him legendary. Frank wanted to do something about this, but what? He was just a wrestler. He entered the ring. A burly black man with a ponytail was in the far corner. The announcer was there too. "In this corner," he pointed to Frank. "We have the second strongest wrestler in the world, FRANK!" The crowd cheered. "And in this corner," He pointed to the other man. "We have the current wrestling world champion, GRUFF!" The crowd cheered a lot. "Three...two...one...FIGHT!"

Three hours later, Frank won. As soon as he left the ring he was swamped by screaming fans asking for an autograph. He eventually managed to burst out of the arena and hide in the woods until night. As he headed back home, he came across a cloaked figure holding a metal rod with symbols on it. "Come." He hissed in a wispy voice.
Frank was hesitant. "Who are you?"
"I'm irrelevant."
"Riiight...what's yer game then?"
"You are the strongest person in the world. You are the only one who can defeat Alweizav Clothzon and his army of clothing."
"Riiight...how am I suppose to get to his manor then?"
The figure tapped his rod in the air. A big blue oval appeared out of nowhere. "Through here you must go. But beware! The evils through there are a challenge, even for you. However, I'm sure you can best what awaits."
And so Frank stepped through the portal.

Frank stepped out into a hallway. It was very long with lots of doors and a big door with a golden rim at the end. "This should be easy." He remarked. He started to walk across the hallway when every single door apart from the big one burst open and hordes of floating clothes poured out, like a material ocean. Frank ran as fast as he could across the hallway before the clothes started attacking him and slamming him onto the walls. He flung away coats, parkas, trousers, jackets...slowly he made his way across the door and eventually got to the big door. Frank flung it open, sending the nearby clothes soaring right back across the corridor. He quickly shut the door before any clothes could get in. He turned around. He was in a dimly lit room, the only light sources being four dimly lit lamps, one at each corner of the room. The were clothes hangers with huge coats on them. The room looked entirely made of oak. And in the middle of it, sitting behind a desk, was Alweizav Clothzon. The dastardly turtle smiled maliciously. "Thought you could stop me, did you?"
"You types of people always say dat and then get pummled like five seconds la'er."
"Well you won't pummel me! Coat gurdians, get him!"
The massive coats on clothes hangers suddenly came to life and started floating. They were advancing on Frank very quickly. He had to think fast. He rummaged in his pockets for a minute, and somehow pulled out a matchbox. "Eh? How'd that get in there? Must've been that irrelevant guy." He took out a match, lit it, and threw it onto the floor.
"NOOOO!" Clothzon screamed as the fire rapidly spread around the completely oak room. The giant coats were blazing into nothingness in mere seconds.
Once again, Frank had to think fast. He knew tha he had to take a gamble. He turned around, opened the door which he came from and ran through them...

...landing in the woods. From then on, nobody ever istened to turtles again and then started a new election for world ruler. The end.
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