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Sonic Rainboom!
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Default Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

So, my sister and my cousin started a war on me earlier today, and kept invading my room and shooting at me with nerf guns. I fought back with my nerf guns, it was all in good fun, and we all enjoyed it. After a few hours, we ended the game and they went playing somewhere else.

About an hour ago, my cousin comes to my room in a hurry and tells me to prepare my nerf gun so we could ambush my sister as she returned to the house. I hided behind the entrance door, and he sat on the couch in the living room with a nerf gun hidden under a pillow. The door opens, my sister gets in, and we unload the guns on her. Next thing you know, she is violently trying to get my cousin's nerf gun, and ends up using it to strike him in the head. He cries. My father comes in, and she bursts crying about how we unfairly went 2 on 1 on her.

See anything wrong with that?


Just a few hours earlier, she and my cousin were constantly attacking me with their nerf guns, 2 on 1. This went on for hours and I did not complain a single time. We ambushed her and the whole attack took less than a minute. She violently hit my cousin with a plastic object and she gets to cry.

Do you know what was even worse? My mother's reaction. She came home like 15 minutes later to find my sister crying while I was in my room discussing with my cousin. So guess what she did. She entered my room without even knocking, and demanded an "explanation of what happened". I figured it would make sense to first explain the "reason" why my sister was crying, and then provide some background. I tried to do that, and after explaining the ambush she started throwing a tantrum about how unfair we were to my sister. I tried to make her shut up so I could provide the full story and point out the hypocrisy, but I got a line many of you are probably familiar with: "I have heard enough".


I had to shout at her and point out the stupidity and ignorance of her point in order to make her listen to the rest of the story. Even after I was finished she refused to rethink her position and realize that my sister was being a terrible person. Let's sum this up:

-Sister and cousin constantly raid my room with nerf guns for hours
-Cousin and I attack my sister for a minute with nerf guns
-Sister hits cousin in the head with a nerf gun
-Sister cries "because of how unfairly we treated her"
-Mom takes sister's side because she is always the oh so poor victim.
-Mom refuses to listen to logic and reason

I seriously can't put my frustration into words right now. This sexist double standard has to end. Being a girl does not automatically make you a victim. Logic must be used instead of emotion when taking a side. Never play favorites with your kids.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

Depending on the age of your sister, your mum may think that you can fend for yourself from small foam darts, while your sister can't. Also, by the sounds of things, your sister COULDN'T fight back, while you could. Were she to have had some nerf guns, I would be more on your side, but all and all, it's like you had a duel in your room and an assassination in your living room.

On another note, I read the title as "Once again, my faith in Hamumu is lost." Man was I glad I when I read the thread!
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Default Re: Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

And thus we learn a valuble lesson.

Don't use nerf guns indoors. You come of broken something expesive while fighting.

No wait. Never, ever open with something that paints you badly. Say that you were playing and she attacked you.

Also yes that is a double standard. But it is very racist to point it out. Or sexist. I don't know. Ask a law person.
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. Yellow Wizard .
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Default Re: Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

Yet another example why parents are ridiculously biased and should consider BOTH sides of the story before jumping to a unfair conclusion.
Then again, I'm an only child. :P
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Default Re: Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

Originally Posted by hyperme View Post
Also yes that is a double standard. But it is very racist to point it out. Or sexist. I don't know. Ask a law person.
It's neither. If anything it's "not politically correct" to point out when someone is being a hypocrite which is disgusting.
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Default Re: Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

I think you've misused the term "faith in humanity," but I can still see how you would be very upset over this blatant injustice. My advice is to just sleep on it. Provided you didn't hate anybody at the beginning of the day, everything will be fine the next.
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Secretly Dr. Lunatic
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Default Re: Once again, my faith in humanity is lost.

I second, OED. Life's like that sometimes, there will always be a little bit of prejudice in the world, its human nature. The tough thing is learning to deal with it.....
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