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King of the Boneheads
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Default Easy Money

Well, I had an awesome Idea a few weeks ago. Our house is extremely dirty, but it's dirty in the sense it's cluttered. Our house is filled with this crap. I'm selling it on eBay, getting money! Items I've sold:

- Snowcone Maker (bought a new one) ($20.00)
- Old Miniature Food Processor (bought a new one also) ($7.00)
- The Wiggles Music DVD (bought it a while back, our youngest is 7) ($5.00)
- Keyboard ($3.00)

As you can see, I've made $35. I did this all within a week. I'm getting ready to post several new items on eBay, which includes:

- Camera (don't use it anymore, slightly broken)
- Camera (bro doesn't use it anymore)
- Dance Dance Revolution for Xbox
- LPS Secret Journal thingy

This might seem like spam.. Sorry if it does. I just wanted to tell you guys, I'm gonna be buying Mia's happy day and GMod soon.
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College Boi
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Default Re: Easy Money

As long as your parents are cool with this, nice.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)
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Eyeball Tree Of Fury!
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Thumbs down Pseudomoney

"Now to sell that priceless diamond necklace my mom never wears."

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