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Default Boy Scouts- Zombie Apocalypse.

As many of you may or may not know, I am involved heavily in boy scouts, which is an amazing program. I have been assigned to plan a zombie survival camp-out. I've planned several camp-outs before including the precursor to this one, the Zombie E-Prep camp-out.

I have a general layout planned out but was wondering if anyone had any brilliant ideas for activities. Recognize it must cheap, done with limited resources, out doors, few if any materials, and fun and easy to run with 10-18 year old scouts running a muck.

Here is my basic plan and idea:

The previous camp-out involved a cancer curing product invented by doctor David Gibson(invented name) but had several fatal flaws(such as turning people into zombies). The camp-out consisted of the discovery of this(find person in wilderness, treat first aid, build stretcher) then surviving( build stockade, knife safety and all that), then fighting(capture the flag at night).

Now, this camp-out will occur "two years later" on this timeline. In this time zombies have reintegrated themselves into society! A medicine (invented by Dr. David Gibson) represses zombie instincts and keep people normal, a pill must be taken after every meal to keep zombie instincts repressed. Now we arrive at the camp-out.

It is theoretically a "Zombie Historical Society and Culture Seminar" designed to educate a local boy scout troop about the zombie up rising and how a local boy scout troop(of an unknown number )managed to survive. However.... things do not go as planned. A scout (we will have an actor) will actually be a reintegrated zombie that has lost his medicine. He runs screaming into the woods (grin maliciously). We will do SAR activities, first aid, and pioneering all while acting like everything is normal, however throughout the camp-out there will be small things that point to trouble..... We will end with a Capture the Flag Game(again) and afterwords reveal that it was only a staged event for the purposes of the seminar

If you have any brilliant ideas post them here!!!!
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