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The Demagogue
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Default Halloween Blues

Wow, it's getting round to what used to be my favorite time of year, and I just feel sad about it.

I may be the only one out there who wants this, but I want a dark, spooky kind of Halloween this year, and for once, there's nowhere to go. It's depressing. Every year, October brings me such great JOY. But this year, it just feels empty, like something great has died.

I suppose I've just realized that I'm growing up, that I'm not a kid anymore. But I just want that kind of scared excitement that a truly scary Halloween gives me again. It's one of those things that I'm just used to having, and loosing it just, well, saddens me.

Yes, BHE is right around the corner, but the bubbling excitement that used to be there is now more of a simmer of habit. The Halloween update of Minecraft last year, all the little things that made the holiday truly fearful, are gone.

Please, if you agree, then post here about it. This is the last place I've got that still has a Halloween spirit. When I'm stuck down at the end of the earth, and the nights are clear as day, I want to pull my curtains shut, turn off all the lights and be AFRAID of the dark once more.

So, for this BHE I make one humble request. To make this not only the best, but the Scariest Halloween Ever!
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Eyeball Tree Of Fury!
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Thumbs down Pseudoblues

No, I don't feel that way. It's not even October yet. I just moved to a neighborhood where there's no way for me to set up my usual haunted house, trick or treat, or even give candy to anyone. But I don't mind, and I'm not complaining.

I don't see how what you deleted was rude or garbage, because that's exactly what Megadog said to me in the same context.

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King of the Boneheads
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Default Re: Halloween Blues

I promise you, I'm gonna trick-or-treat 'till I'm 20. Then I'll dress up and scare little kids
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Secretly Dr. Lunatic
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Default Re: Halloween Blues

Its a scary thought isn't it, the idea of growing up. I've been going through that syndrome recently as well. Being in high school and all, i even turned 16 the other day so now i can get my permit..... its a scary thought. And your right, that sort of Halloween anticipation is gone for me now, though it isn't all the way gone, the last two Halloweens I've gone to my friends house and have worked on the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm telling you now, it may not be very nice, but this is the one day of the year you can do this. Scaring People is FUN! Now that I'm saying that growing up you start missing some things, but you also open up a whole new world of possibilities. If your not having as much fun, or being as scared as you used too and you want that feeling again, look for new opportunities, work with friends to set up your own haunted house, go to a Halloween party(i've been to some that were fun), try something new. Have FUN with it. Thats what its all about.
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Lord Loony
Not Your Average Ruler
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Default Re: Halloween Blues

I just get a bunch of candy and watch horror movies all night. I've been doing it since I stopped Trick-or-treating, about 4 years ago...
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Halloween Blues

I feel I should point out that, for the record, it is impossible to trick or treat where I am, as the nearest house is 1000m away, and they don't scare well at all.

And I never have trick or treated. I'm talking about the online celebrations, the ones I actually could partake in.
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Conspiracy Wizard
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Default Re: Halloween Blues

Halloween used to be about roaming the streets for candy- and now it's about roaming the streets partying. We go to like 5 people's houses and pick up mad loot from their parents and hang out there in costumes. It's still a pretty great time for us, even at the age of 16 (rounded up)
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