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Default LoonyMod Fund

if anyone has some unneeded yerfbucks I'm willing to take them...
But seriously, I'm saving up for Dr.L, because of LoonyMod, how it's planned to be the best thing ever basically, and I don't think anyone wants to donate but geez in '09 you people were giving me yerfbucks like it was your job :P

anyway, I tried doing this thread a couple months ago for something stupid like avi parts, but no one wanted to donate..

so if you've changed your mind I'd be grateful if you could give me some yerfbucks.

I only need 500, maybe even less, since I have 5$ and I might be able to get more..

I'm just gonna count my 5$ as 500 yerfbucks atm.

CURRENT: 525Y$ / 1000 Y$

EDIT: Asked wedxzas if he had any monies, and he has $3.70, and he has 40-50 yerfbucks, and I have 35.

Fund (Yerfbucks Wise) 955 / 1000


My dad is giving me Money tommorow. So nevermind, this thread may be deleted now.


Fund: 983 / 1000. My dad is coming back in a few hours, then I'll get the game. Yay!

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Sonic Rainboom!
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Default Re: donate yerfbucks plz

18 thats all i got there you go ur welcome
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