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Marzipan Ghost 3 11.54%
Mallow-Mushrooms 6 23.08%
Pumpkin Goo 17 65.38%
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Marshmallow Head
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Yerfdog Vote Here, Enjoy!

We've only got three treat recipes for you to choose between, so everybody's a winner! Now it's up to you to decide who wins the most. Voting will be open until Halloween, when the winner is announced:

Marzipan Ghost

You will need: 2 egg whites, 120g (4oz) sugar, red food colouring.
To make:

- Heat oven to 100*C (212*F)
- Whisk egg whites.
- Fold in sugar.
- Shape most of it like a ghost (use a spoon to get the curves and
- Add one drop red food colouring to the remaining mixture.
- Dot on to his face as eyes.
- Turn the oven off, but leave the fan on.
- Leave the ghost in the oven for a long period of time (4-5 hours, or
- His insides should still be a bit gooey, so enjoy the delicious

8 marshmallow pies (I prefer Choco Pies)
2 packs of Pocky or pretzel sticks
8 marshmallows
Icing and decorations

Step 1: Place marshmallows on flat surface and stick Pocky into center
Step 2: Attach marshmallow pie to other end of Pocky
Step 3: Decorate with sprinkles and icing, or whatever else you would put on a Mallow-Mushroom
For extra creativeness, add shroom feet or eyes
Step 4: Enjoy!
Pumpkin Goo

Two 7oz containers of Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme(You may go for one 13oz jar, it's cheaper but man is it harder to scoop!)
One 15oz can of real pumpkin. You might try Pumpkin Pie Filling (I haven't actually tried with PIE mix, it could fail miserably! But I'm curious, if anyone tests)
One 8oz block of cream cheese.
One and a Half teaspoons of Cinnimon.

The process couldn't be simpler: Put the ingredients in a bowl and beat them with a mixer until it's a nice smooth goo.
Put it in whatever container you like, but I enjoy picking up a little pumpkin, gutting it, and pouring the dip inside it. Plus that gives you some pumpkin seeds, which are delicious on their own and can be used in a separate recipe described below. Only problem is that it doesn't store as well, so this is something you'd want to do the day or the day before you serve it.

Things To Dip:
Ginger Snaps
Nilla Wafers
Apple Slices
Witch Fingers: (Not pictured, due to lack of cookie making supplies)
-Know any recipes that make a nice firm sugar cookie? Any recipe will do, just add a couple of drops of green food dye and shape your dough like fingers(be warned, cookies expand so make narrow strips or you could end up with some fat fingers!). Then you can put pumpkin seeds(or almonds) on the end for finger nails. Now bake those cookies!
As a finishing touch you can put one of those microscopic hersy 'kisses'(Not the little ones, the TINY ones!) anywhere you want on the finger to make a nice wart. This one isn't pictured above nor is it my recipe (it's you're recipe, in fact!), but they are quite tasty in combination with the pumpkin goo and definately Halloweeny!
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Androgeos Exeunt
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Default Re: Vote Here, Enjoy!

I never expected myself to drool over the Pumpkin Goo. The picture itself seems so delicious, I actually feel tempted to print it out just to eat it.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Vote Here, Enjoy!

Those shrooms look great!
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.Blue Dwarf.
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Default Re: Vote Here, Enjoy!

It's time for comments from Blue Dwarf!

1. Marzipan Ghosts: Your picture looks nice, good work on shaping up that ghost. I have no clue what marzipan is though so I'll have to try this recipe to see how it turns out. I'm assuming it's probably sweet, so I'm wondering if perhaps you might try replacing the eyes with cinnamon candies? I am quite fond of cinnamon candies, especially on gingerbread men.... We're getting off track here! On to number two...

2. Mallow-Mushrooms: Maybe rename Mallowshrooms? I dunno, not important! This is probably the only recipe I could actually make RIGHT NOW with what I have at my house. I must say, I quite like this recipe. It's pretty simple and with food coloring and such, I'm sure you could make a wonderfull variety of beautiful mushrooms and construct an enchanted forest.
My only concern is that (assuming the things on top are like the Moon Pies I remember eating once) this may be way too much sweetness and marshmallowy goodness. I know, it's a crazy thought. Good work none the less!

The comment about adding eyes and feet made me think about the possibility of making a Mushy, or even a Mushlord(not mush the shroom though, he's simply too big/not the right shape)

3. Are those apples in there? ANYWAY.... That looks delicious. I don't think I'd bother with the cutting up a pumpkin ( I am lazy!), luckily the basic recipe sounds pretty easy. You get no extra credit for the deliciousness of Nilla Wafers though! But still. Good work.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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