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Default Thanks, Jamul!

Haloween is by far the best time of year on Hamumu, and I would just like to say, Thanks Jamul!. He has taken his own time to make countless contests, great games, special surprises and so much more. He even added prizes, which probably cost him money because they can pay for games, and made games %50 off, also costing him money. He could have chosen to work for a big game company, but no, he chose to make hamumu. So once again, thanks Jamul!
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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

Absolutely, Halloween just wouldn't be the same without Hamumu.
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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

I wholeheartedly agree. Halloween (and consequently the whole month of October) are much more fun when I can come here to celebrate. Thank you, Jamul, for making this such a great experience.
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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

+1 to this, my life would not be the same without Jamul, Hamumu or BHE.
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.Blue Dwarf.
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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

Thanks Jamul! But this wouldn't be nearly as much fun at all without everyone else...
So: Thank you EVERYBODY who participated in any Hamumu activities this month.
(But still Jamul especially, for setting it all up)
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

Thanks for such an awesome website and the time and effort you spend to make such a fun place on the web!
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Thumbs up Re: Thanks, Jamul!

Indeed, Jamul, many many many many many many super thanks for making not just Halloween, but the whole month of October an awesome time!
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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

While I failed to become winner in BHE contets, they were great to see the results of. Also, motivation to actual write something was pretty good. Now I just need to finish the thing.

Also, the Clubhouse is out of Beta. Madness!
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Default Re: Thanks, Jamul!

The beta image is in beta!

Anyways yeah, thanks for setting this all up again this year. I love being forced into actually finishing a project once a year for Halloween, otherwise I usually don't get anything done

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