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Default The Costume Party Level Push!

Hey guys and welcome to the Costume Party Level Push!

The idea of this is to
win as many CP levels as you can in the next week. Some of the pros will only be able to do 10 or 20, so consider that a handicap, while the n00bs stall have a whole load to complete! Prizes for winnrars! Post how many levels you have complete now to sign and we will check back in a week!

Gigacat, 1042, aiming for 1150
Megadog, 3024, aiming for 3053,

Prizes for those who hit 0!

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Default Re: The Costume Party Level Push!


I am attempting to hit 0 to do (currently 3053). If I do, do I get a prize?
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Default Re: The Costume Party Level Push!

Pah. Can't believe I've already fallen to #7. Let's see, I'm 2816/3053. I'm never going to get anywhere in just a week due to being busy with other things but why don't I aim for my good friend 2900 levels completed. I'll see if I can't up my score a bit too, meet once more my good friend #5.
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