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Default Build The World RPG 5

Hello, and welcome to the fifth
Build The World

The theme for this one is:

You and some friends are tourists. You each win a ticket to a Tropical Cruise!
So, on the day of the cruise, you head over to the cruise-place (or whatever), and get on the ship. After a few hours of riding, and lots of board games, you and your friends decide to take a nap in the lower part of the ship. But when you're asleep, the ship drives over the bermuda triangle and the boat and everyone else disappears except you guys. You swim to the nearest island, and take a few breaths. You realize you've been Shipwrecked.

Now, in this RPG, everyone who signs up plays the people who are stranded on the island!



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Default Re: Build The World RPG 5

TM relocation, please.

Anyway I sign.

The Random Signature 2.0, now with 8% more POOTIS!
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