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Default Shirt.Woot

Check this out.

It reminds me of Robot Wants Kitty.

EDIT: due to the nature of woot's website, this shirt will only be displayed today. this thread is irrelevant after that.

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Default Re: Shirt.Woot

Can't I just save the picture and post it here? or is it not allowed for some reason?

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Default Re: Shirt.Woot

Here, I did it for you
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Default Re: Shirt.Woot

I really appreciated the one for today: the Twitter bird looking all aloof and saying under it with feathers floating down: I don't care about your status updates. I laughed because I don't Facebook therefore it's funny because it's true.
One does not simply WALK into Mordor. It's best to have epic background music while you charge boldly in.
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