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Default Re: Socialism/Comunism

Ok, so much for that. I would like to revoke my statement about Pumkineaters posts having sound stuff. I clearly misinterpreted what was said. While I understand the basic principle of Socialism the concern is is that it just wont work. Human Nature is the primary effect of degradation upon any socialism system. (Assuming by socialism you mean equal treatment and money, and conditions and all that for everyone). If everyone gets an equal amount of stuff you end up with someone working harder then everyone else until they figure out they don't need to work very hard because they still get the same stuff and so they make the minimum amount of work possible. You end up with a society which does as little work as possible.

If I'm wrong about your ideas of socialism please explain.
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Default Re: Socialism/Comunism

Originally Posted by Pumpkineater View Post
[Education] is an issue that Obama is not going to fix
It's also an issue Ron Paul is the worst on because wants to take away all federal investment on post-secondary education. I'm not sure about his education on elementary/secondary but I assume it also contains some disasterous idea of privatizing it all, since that he's thing. Obama, however, has increased investment on education and tried to increase it more on multiple occasions. It's the #1 thing on his economic platform for his 2012 campaign and he's talked about it all his State of the Union addresses.

Originally Posted by Pumpkineater View Post
Did you even read Zetkin's speech on feminism that I linked? Of course you didn't, you just dismissed it because it doesn't fit your liberal agenda.
First of all, no I didn't read it because I had assumed it was a wikipedia link on the matter. However, that doesn't excuse your completely offensive insulting position. That beig said, I can assure you that I have gone back now and read it in its entirety hoping that it would somehow redeem your completely inappropriate remarks, but it actually just made it worst. I'm sorry but telling women that they shouldn't fight for their right to enter the market and to instead stay home to support their husbands under the premise of saving them from capitalism is definitely not one I can support.

Also what kind of argument it "doesn't fit you Liberal agenda". What is this? Fox News? First of all, I'm not a Liberal but second the word "agenda" in that sense is a joke. Besides, if you think equal rights for minorities is part of some secret agenda I have then it's one I would gladly get behind.

Originally Posted by Pumpkineater View Post
You mean the invasion of Libya? Or are you talking about social "issues" such as weed and lgbt, because other than him criticizing republican bigots I haven't seen him change anything regarding either issue.
Well I already mentioned education earlier. As far as for gay rights, he's managed to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and he also recently came out for gay marriage (compared to most of his second term where he had no opinion in either direction). As far as marijuana goes, he's never claimed he wanted to legalize it. The most he's ever done on the issue was say that he's considered looking into the possibility to maybe decriminalize it one day, but he's definietly never made any promises on this issue. As far as foreign policy goes Obama withdrew all troops from Iraq and has also withdrawn some troops from Afghanistan.

I think you dismissed everything Obama has done on the issues he campaigned on because it didn't fit you biased agenda.

Originally Posted by Pumpkineater View Post
The Soviet Union was not communist. It violated the most basic parts of Marxism and Leninism. For example, instead of the workers having direct control over the country through soviets of recallable delegates, the Soviet Union's leaders had lifelong positions.
Even if it is partially true the USSR wasn't fully communist, you can replace that portion of my message with any other communist country that has ever existed and that statement will probably still stand on nationalism. As far as the lifelong position Communism under Marx clearly states that a period of unspecified length of dictatorship is required under communism called the dicatorship of the proletariat. This period is also required under communism because the older generations that have grown up under capitalism must be forced into communism until they will willingly participate in it (which never happens). Other communist countries have solved this issue by killing the entire population over a certain age in a genocide. According to Marx, afterwards the government would also disappear and everybody would live hapily without a government in a fantasy land of equality and prosperity where everybody works out of the kindness of their heart.

Originally Posted by Megadog View Post
Hitlers BFF? They fought each other PE.
He was talking about when they agreed to split Poland between each other (although Hitler did most of the work).
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Default Re: Socialism/Comunism

Originally Posted by Mr.Onion View Post
I'm very short of time right now, but I would like to point out the fact that Obama, unlike some Republicans, has an understanding of basic biology.
Which is not going to change any policy at all, it is just going to let him point his finger at republicans when they say overly stupid things like that recent fiasco.
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