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Default Brewing Horror = Engaged (My BHE 2012 Surprise)

Download Linky!
Bah, what's this? My BHE surprise for you all. This is actually the first time I entered a BHE contest out of the 4 years I've been here. Anyway, it's a text game, 100% written in C++. My first official C++ videogame! awesome. Download link's above, obviously. Anyway, it's called "Halloween Alchemy". It took about 3 weeks to make (what? I'm lazy) And is composed of 530 (IIRC) lines of pure C++ code. I wrote it in Notepad++, compiled in Code::Blocks with GNU GCC Compiler. It's just a command prompt window, since: 1) When I wrote this, I wasn't using libraries and 2) It gives it a more retro-feel, anyway.
So, trick or treat! That's exactly what you do in this game. There's tricks, such as selling potions and brewing potions. But of course, there's also treats. Such as buying candy and storing candy in your backpack. Fun stuff.
I'm not really gonna tell you a whole lot, since this game has a lot of info in-game. But yeah, I hope you enjoy it, have fun, and most importantly, Happy Halloween!

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Default Re: Brewing Horror = Engaged (My BHE 2012 Surprise)

Uh, why not use Code::Blocks as a full IDE? It would make more sense. Heck, even using Notepad++ and command line GCC (which, by the way, stands for GNU C Compiler, so "GNU GCC Compiler" translates to "GNU GNU C Compiler Complier") would make more sense, since Code::Blocks is going to use more resources than it should as just a compiler.
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