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King of the Boneheads
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Default stress. nothing has been going good lately.

it's hard not to cry under all this stress. first my dog dies and I heard it happen, having to scream and cry about it, our other dog brownie who was sisters with that dog doesn't know and she's wimpering now and then. they used to play together. then my mom is disabled and the head honchos don't believe it, so a friend from church had to lend us a jazzy wheelchair. however even though they don't think she's disabled, they gave her a chair lift. something to lift your wheelchair up onto the back of the car. then my dad was putting the lift up (since the chair was inside, and we want to be able to drive the truck while the chair's off) and it broke. we had to carry it inside so my mom could take a look. she found what was broken, and I had to move the license plate from the lift to the back of the truck. which took about 45 minutes, my fingers froze and I had to be by my dog's burial spot and it made me cry. then when I came back inside to put the license plate screws back, I lost one. my dad's gonna freak when he gets home. I cried while I tried to find it. I got not that much sleep last night which might be a cause. This is the most stress I've been under my whole life. I'm going to church on sunday because I need help. I'm gonna say a long prayer tonight and hope everything goes smooth.
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I'm not here.
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Default Re: stress. nothing has been going good lately.

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