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Default Game Engines

Hello everyone,I really need some game engine suggestions.Game editor is just a
bit buggy and limited editor.

I need a game engine to be 2D,event based,free,not limited,and not buggy.
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Question the trends!
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Default Re: Game Engines

And another thing is that I will accept game engines which port or are part of the
list of platforms:

Commodore 64
Atari 2600
Apple IIe
Atari 400
Atari 800
Commodore 128

(I am mentioning old systems of course)

Windows 7

(New Systems)

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Default Re: Game Engines

Originally Posted by REACTOR View Post
...and not buggy.
Is that possible? The other things together I can't think of anything, but the world isn't ready for a completely non-buggy game editing program.

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Default Re: Game Engines

As wedxzas touched on, bug-free programs don't exist (unfortunately), but I'm assuming by bug-free you simply mean programs that relatively have few bugs.

Game Maker is a pretty simple 2D engine that actually has a lot of potential once you start getting into the included scripting language and all that. It also has support for making multiplayer games and some support for 3D games, if you're thinking about going that route in the future. The Lite version of it is free as well, the full version used to be very inexpensive but unfortunately it seems like they've raised the price over the years, the free version still has a lot of features though.

Unity is also an incredibly good engine, but it is in 3D and I believe it's entirely script-based, so it probably isn't what you're looking for, but I've been using it quite a bit since I found out about it last year and it is a very powerful free engine.

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Default Re: Game Engines

'Not Limited' is not a thing that exists. Every engine is going to has it's limits. However, Game Maker is pretty good if you know what you're doing. Several great games come from GM, so it has potential.

'Event Based' double kills 'Not Limited' as while you can snake round GM's limits with clever applications of GML, the event based things are much less good and this.
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Default Re: Game Engines

What does GM stand for?
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Default Re: Game Engines

Game Maker.

"GML" also means Game Maker Language, which is the scripting language used in GM.

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Default Re: Game Engines

If you're willing to learn C++ or any other language it has bindings in, SDL would probably suit all but the "event based" requirement, but it would be a pretty hard library to use, especially if you don't know C++ yet.

Allegro isn't bad either.
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