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I'm not here.
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Default Slender: Sanatorium

It's a horror game, and I'm not sure if I am allowed to link it here, so I'm going to play it safe.
I'm sure most of you have a basic idea of what the slender man is.
For those not in the know, he is a tall, faceless figure in a business suit who can teleport, stretch his limbs (and grow tentacles from his back), and will stalk a victim for years on end, torturing them. Supposedly, he just wants his $20, but that's something that can't be confirmed.

Slender is the game about him, released June 2012 on a simple game engine. It involves the player looking around a forest for 8 notes about the slender man, each in a different location. The more notes you get, the creepier the sounds are and the more often the slender man will show up. He always shows up either around a corner, behind you, or in a dark zone. If you look at him, or behind you when he is present, you will be attacked, and lose.
The sequel was released two days ago, and if you like a good scare, go check it out.
Just don't blame me if you need a new pair of pants when it's over.
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Default Re: Slender: Sanatorium

Oh my.... Slender is so scary. you can download it for free. So go look it up.

What is the sequel about?
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I'm not here.
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Default Re: Slender: Sanatorium

You're a guy, locked in an asylum. There are many rooms, containing the classic notes. This time, the sounds when you pick up a certain number of notes increase in volume and scariness (i.e. one note makes large rumbling drumbeats, 6 makes a heartbeat noise) takes place, and eventually Slenderman will be RIGHT BEHIND YOU at almost all times.
Your flashlight dies faster, too.
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Default Re: Slender: Sanatorium

I tried out this game,it's mega scary.I was scared for 2 months after that.
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