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Default Broken Dumbwords?

When I look at the dumbwords, I see yesterday's result, but it says it has 9,999,999 votes. I also has a lot of votes that makes no sense, like it combined a few days. It also says that today's dumbwords is "yes ____" which I know was a few days ago, and it says I already entered my vote, which was the same one I entered a few days ago...
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Default Re: Broken Dumbwords?

Oh boy, your post didn't work right... I think we still have some issues!

Yeah, we had a major problem and had to restore the entire site from a backup. Both Dumbwords and TAG are going to take a couple days to truly return to normal, and I'll zero out the scores for today and tomorrow because of it. I *think* nobody will get 99999 points, but I guess we'll see what happens! It'll be removed anyway.
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