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N64 Lord
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Default Speakers

My roomate's passion for Boy bands and colelge rock finally burned out the speakers! I can listen to silence, At last!

But on the other hand, I can't get sound from youtube, and after a while, even my massive movie collection wore thin. So now the computer is hooked up to speakers that The makers probably didn't even know about. LC-693. Even maxed out, they are barely as intrusive as a handheld. I've had clocks that make it more noise than these things. Just taking them out increased the dust levels in the computer room by a factor of 20ish. Despite my backtalk, I think they give us all you really need. Modern speakers are overkill and a health hazard. It's kind of like the 6 minute setting on a toaster. Which reminds me of oven, which is so old that the highest setting the dial turns to is not defrost, but instead, a single charahter, ∞ Every time I make scrambled, eggs, I face that temptation. Which the last owner didn't by the way, The "mural" on my kitchen roof is a living testament....
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Default Re: Speakers

One always needs good speakers. Im looking to upgrade my sound system myself, the amp occasionally stops working, but some IT crowd advice fixes it, and you can hear it from outside my room (just the buzz). Its old as though, 20 years? And i put the volume on %5 and parents complain about the volume :3
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Default Re: Speakers

Audiophile here. Death to mp3/m4a.
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