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Green Monster 1 25.00%
Creepy Toys / Cartoons 1 25.00%
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Default Dream Horror

Share your terrifying dreams in this nightmare database.

I will start off, those listed below are in order from when they were dreamed of, I remember a surprising amount of my own dreams.

OKAY, so maybe they are worded poorly, but there was a lot to type so I just threw it together.

FIRST DREAM (Encounters: 1)
Setting: Pirate Ship
Horror: Faceless Pirate
Notable Features of the Faceless Pirate & Frightening Details: My first ever nightmare took place as far as nightmares I can remember. I woke up and puked upon seeing a pirate who had his face almost entirely blown off by strong winds at sea, the sight I saw was of a pirate with his face hanging by a small amount of flesh and blowing in the wind, the exposed muscle and such made me wake and vomit, right in my mother and father's bedroom. At this time I was hyperventilating and in fright. Considering I was somewhere in the range of 3 - 5 years old, this was a horrific experience.

SECOND DREAM (Encounters: 2)
Setting: Neighbor's house
Horror: Supernatural Ape
Notable Features of the Supernatural Ape & Frightening Details: There were dreams that made little sense at all and ones that seemed to have actual communication happening in them. This dream was one where I seemed to hear strange things in it, in this dream, it was christmas or some holiday, I forget what day, surprisingly something that would seem ridiculous became terrifying. I was told by various family members in the dream that I was to be sure to not leave plates out on the counter during [that holiday], they said that Hunks an ape will climb out of the ground and then kidnap me if I do, they said that I will be sent to work as a slave at his plate mines underground and that he killed his brother the bahamas because of some unknown reason. Okay, so I lied this really is a dream that made me laugh when I woke. So at this point I refused to listen to them in the dream, thinking YEAH RIGHT?! It came to be night and eventually midnight, I was taken by the ape underground and into the plate mines where I saw a dirt wall with various plates in it. The dream ended with all of my family looking down into the hole that Hunks came out of and shaking their heads, [basically as if I should have listened].

THIRD DREAM (Encounters: 5+)
Setting: This was actually two different dreams that seemed related and were recurring, so on two rare instances it took place in an underground city, but for the rest of the time it took place in a fenced in yard behind a run down house.
Horror: Giant creature with huge squid tentacles.
Notable Features of the Giant Creature & Frightening Details: In these dreams there was the fear of unknown because I never actually saw what the tentacles were attached to. The eerie green gas cloud flooded sky in the abandoned house dream was kind of cool. However the tentacles of which I could not see the source of coming from inside the boarded up house windows/doors was not cool, I was frightened to see them and feared that I would be pulled in. For whatever reason, I couldn't go over the fence that stood in the direction opposite of the tentacle infested house, I was stuck! Boxed in by a fence and my only way to go was around that creepy house. There were two ways around it, but I never went because I didn't want to risk getting grabbed, all I knew is that I wanted to get away from the house and onto that street that was on the other side. In the underworld like place that was actually a city in a cavernous area, the tentacles came out of a large underground pool of water that was oddly black making myself unable to see the creature again. I eventually got pulled in by the creature and found myself drowning whilst catching short glimpses of the base of the creature where the tentacles came off. This creature was massive! The tentacles could reach to the height of skyscrapers. I woke up during the time I was drowning in the dream. These dreams are quite possibly the story behind why I became so afraid of monsters with tentacles, like The Thing.

FOURTH DREAM (Encounters: 2+)
Setting: My house/neighbor's house - 1st encounter, My house/neighbor's house/my basement - 2nd encounter+
Horror: Basement Monsters
Frightening Details: I was riding a bike, everything was normal, but in a flash I ended up in another dimension, it was like the creepy form of the real world. Families were rearranged, somehow my older brother was my Dad in the dream and he sat on the couch for the whole dream saying that I can't leave and either can you, you can't return to your own dimension. I remember glancing down the stairs to the basement and seeing shadows moving. Then my older brother saying that there are real monsters down there. I was scared, so I biked to find my cousin who I knew could help me get back. I went to my neighbor's house where he lived, but there was nobody there, it was empty. I came back to my house still really afraid. My older brother laughed and said something that made me think I had to go in the basement. He said that it was a maze down there full of monsters and that the way back to my dimension is there. The dream was then continued in another dream as they sometimes do, so I explored the basement and never saw a monster, but I felt their presence the whole time I was down there. I never found a portal or way back either.

FIFTH DREAM (Encounters: 1)
Setting: My house
Horror: Green Monster
Notable Features of the Green Monster & Frightening Details: In my dream, I dreamed of waking up in my bed, only two of my dead cats were alive and crawling on me, which was comforting. I also saw strange transparent white spheres floating at rapid rates all over the coming from my closet and going out the window. Then I remember feeling really scared, In the hallway I could hear my little brother yelling for me from the living room. I opened the door to my parents' bedroom just a bit, not fully; I did this after leaving my own bedroom and then I saw nobody in my parents' bed where I expected them to be sleeping, the TV that had shows on it quickly switched to a blue screen, now I was in the room quite a ways, what I didn't see on my way in was that behind the door I opened a green monster was standing there. Not a fuzzy children's book monster, but a fully R rated horror monster. It was standing and it grabbed me. I saw it had skin that looked bubbly and full of green lumps. It was bald and had pointed green ears. It was mostly dark green and then the lumps were a lighter green. It had yellow frightening snake-like eyes, + large hands with elongated fingers and elongated finger nails (a feature I would see again in a later dream), it also had white pointed sort of long sharp teeth, a whole mouth full. I woke up scared again, I think I may have yelled when I did. I was super paranoid of that thing sneaking up on me for the rest of the day.

SIXTH DREAM (Encounters: 1)
Setting: My house in a void with a hotel room setting being merged with its original appearance.
Horror: Creepy Cartoons / Creepy Toys
Frightening Details: If you ever have felt uncomfortable because of someone staring at you, seeming to be in a trance, then know this, what made this dream scary is that I felt the toys and the eyes in the tv and things in the windows were staring at me the whole time. I felt those feelings during this time. I couldn't leave the building I was in. There was a fancy TV cabinet like those that are found in lots of hotels. Above the TV in the cabinets were odd squeaky toys with black eyes just staring at me. The lighting was just perfect to make things feel uncomfortable and then after awhile I couldn't see anything, but the glowing awful TV with a cartoon of a frog that had human flesh for skin, but in cartoon style. This frog said very odd things that made me frightened. THEN walking away from the tv feeling very uncomfortable I tried leaving again and couldn't, so I went to the windows, only the windows didn't open and behind them was a black void, nothingness. The dream ended sometime after when I started trying to call my Mother after finding a phone in a bag, during which time I don't remember what happened.

SEVENTH DREAM (Encounters: 1)
Setting: My house
Horror: The Smogfaug Witch
Notable Features of the Smogfaug Witch & Frightening Details: Capable of mind controlling people, during which they have obvious indicators such as wolf-like eyes that are bright yellow in color and odd behavior like knocking on glass doors/windows, whilst showing all of the individual's teeth and staring in with the eerie wolf-like eyes. The actual Witch itself has very little known about it, in fact, it is unknown that the witch is even a witch, but although not much is known, when it is stalking people, those individuals tend to have brief flashes of distinct features it has, what is known is that it has pale skin and it must use areas with lots of people as camouflage to hide itself. Controlled individuals don't have altered teeth as far as the shape of the teeth, but it is known that they have slightly longer than normal teeth. Four arms with hands having elongated fingers and finger nails seemed to be attached to the pale figure, these hands became noticed during someone's dream (a dream within a dream) whilst they were being stalked...
Am I PARANOID? Or am I... actually, nope probably just paranoid.

My website: http://conger001.wix.com/tyconger192sworlds
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Default Re: Dream Horror

These aren't so much scary as they are ridiculous.
Am I PARANOID? Or am I... actually, nope probably just paranoid.

My website: http://conger001.wix.com/tyconger192sworlds
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