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Default Im gonna do it

Im gonna buy LL2 or should I buy LL1??? I kinda want LL2 becouse of editor But IDK
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Default Re: Im gonna do it

Both LL1 and LL2 have editors. It's just that LL2 has more of a developed editor than LL1.
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Default Re: Im gonna do it

I would personally suggest going for Loonyland 1, it's not as cryptic, you can find your way, plus there is a whole swag of other stuff.

Loonyland 1 has a very homey and cozy feeling, Loonyland 2 is just outright difficult to figure out. Even with the help of the wiki.
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Default Re: Im gonna do it

On the other hand, if you're willing to put in the effort, Loonyland 2 is a lot more in-depth than Loonyland 1 (and actually has existing addon worlds for it). LL1 has much more of a Zelda style to it while LL2 is a lot more involved in the RPG department.
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