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Thumbs down Derelict issues

I recently reinstalled an audio driver for my old computer, which means Loonyland 1 is working again. However, when I tried to open up Derelict today, I got an error message stating the .exe couldn't be found, followed by the shortcut simply disappearing from my desktop. The game was working up until today, without audio. Checking through program files, the derelict.exe really isn't there, but the rest of the files seem to be intact. Here's what comes up under the program file and a file search:

If the game really did disappear, is there a way I can retrieve my progress/saves, or am I out of luck?

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Default Re: Derelict issues

You're definitely missing the game in that folder... I couldn't say why! So you should reinstall, and that should give you your saves back, since they're in those My Documents folders.
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Default Re: Derelict issues

By the way, I think it is unwise to have an old Windows OS running if you have it connected to the internet.

Old Windows OS platforms are a huge target for hackers, since they are not supported. Better be careful what you have, and better be careful what you send.
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Default Re: Derelict issues

But XP is so much better than vista, 7 or 8... I do agree with you though, but if you have good anti virus you'll be fine.
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