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Default Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Super Meat Boy
Five Nights at Freddy's 1&2
Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Coming Soon)
The Basement Collections
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Oddworld: New n' Tasty (Coming Soon - PC)
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Thumbs up

My favorite non-Hamumu game might be Rochard. Really fun physics-bending platformer with a great sci-fi setting.
Other favorites include:
VVVVVV; easily second place, an awesome platformer with the best soundtrack.
Machinarium, Botanicula, and other Amanita games; graphically interesting and altgether enjoyable.
Eufloria; really fun space colonization with some unexpected twists.
Risk of Rain; has some issues but is pretty addicting.
Cave Story; classic.

Originally Posted by tyconger191
Hotline Miami
Really good game, had a lot of fun with this one.

Originally Posted by tyconger191
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
I've only played the original Isaac, but Rebirth looks great.

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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

-> Dota 2
-> Dota2
-> Dota2
-> TF2
-> Portal 1 and 2
-> XCOM - Enemy Unknown
-> Skyrim
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N64 Lord
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

I would need hide tags to safely go through all the SNES, n64, sega saturn, dreamcast, arcade compilations, playstation 1 and 2, post 5th gen games, etc, so I'll just wait till my review archive is finished and link it.

Aside from Steam games, I have

Star Wars: Tie Fighter (praise dosbox emulation)

Majesty (hands off management simulation where you post quests for knights and wizards, but they have no motive to go after them other than suffiecent gold bounty)

Monaco (Arcade style stealth game built around multiplayer heists and co-ordination)

Starcraft: broodwar (As if it needed an introduction)

Baldur's Gate 2 (GOTY in its time, and still nigh perfect expression of Dungeons and dragons as a video game and a worthy RPG in its own right)

Roller Coaster tycoon (Franchise spawning grandaddy to a theme park management sim)

Startopia ( Direct input from author Douglass Adams makes this a very funny space-hotel themed management sim)

Contraption Maker (build rube goldberg machines, or fix incomple ones by rearranging their parts properly)

Most of these are putting on years (CM is a remake of TiM) but they are still the most played things I own on the PC.
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Half Life 2
Portal (2)
Probably more but I'm tired.
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Originally Posted by seamonkey
I should have probably included Minecraft on my list, seeing as it consumed more of my life than all other games I've played combined, which is somewhat sad.
SWC is definitely second on that list. Without considering Hamumu games, though, I think Saints Row III is the next highest in terms of time spent in-game. Disappointing.

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Chaos sold separately.
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

My top ten games/series:

1. Ōkami
Ōkami is quite literally my favorite game of all time. The art style is unique and gorgeous in so many ways (particularly in the HD remake or when playing on a PS2 emulator with upscaling and AA), the story is compelling throughout, each character has a ton of personality, and the overall gameplay and mechanics were smooth and fun. To top it all off, there was no shortage of gameplay, with the average first taking 50-60 hours for many people, oftentimes longer to get all the collectibles and side activities. The amount of sheer content puts a lot of AAA nowadays to shame.

If gaming sites write articles debating whether or not your game is "the greatest Zelda game of all time," (a statement I personally find insulting to both games/series) you know you've done something right. Too bad Cashcom doesn't know how to market games well or how to handle IPs (they literally released Okami three times, the only other game in the series to ever be made was Ōkamiden for the DS which wasn't anywhere near as good).

2. Sonic
By "the Sonic series" I mean all Sonic games prior to the abomination that was Sonic '06. The games have been absolutely horrendous since then and every single Sonic release in recent years has made me wish the series was just left for dead rather than subjecting it to the horrors of games like Sonic and the Black Knight. Seriously. Camelot. Just... no.

The Sonic games back when they were actually GOOD, however, were phenomenal. The first console I ever owned was a Sega Genesis, so I grew up playing Sonic 2 and were this list individual games Sonic 2 would probably be in the top 3. I also loved some of the early 3D Sonic titles (namely, Adventure, SA2, and Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog was okay as well I guess).

3. Pokemon
I've owned at least one release from each generation of the games (including at least one of each remake). Every single one of them, besides Gen V, I've put AT LEAST 120 hours into. My Pokemon Y game is currently sitting at 180 with a fully IV/EV-trained team (Ferrothorn/Mega-Blastoise/Aegislash/Volcarona/Garchomp/Sylveon).

Pokemon Crystal (and by extension, Johto in general) has a special place in my heart since Crystal and Sonic 2 comprised most of my childhood until I got a PS2 and discovered Okami and Jak & Daxter. Speaking of which...

4. Jak & Daxter
Disclaimer: This section only refers to the games developed by Naughty Dog. The Lost Frontier is bad and should feel bad.

With that out of the way though, if Ōkami can be considered the PS2's Zelda, then the first Jak & Daxter was its Super Mario 64. It was the same basic concept - 3D platformer, travel around a variety of different environments and find various artifacts (in this case, Power Cells rather than Power Stars) to advance. The platforming was pretty good and Jak controlled well, the different varieties of Eco allowed for some interesting mechanics and puzzles, and the game actually had a pretty decent story (compared to SM64 which, in the style of all Mario games, was just "Bowser has Peach again stop him").

Jak II and III were completely different mechanics-wise but were still great games in their own right. They were much more combat-focused and the story seemed to get a bit more of the spotlight. Personally the change kind of reminds me of how Prince of Persia went from primarily platforming/puzzles in Sands of Time to combat-focus with some platforming in Warrior Within.

Dark Jak is also pretty awesome.

5. Halo
If Reach and Halo 4 were closer to the level of the first three games, Halo would easily have taken either the #3 or #4 spot for me. It actually pains me to place it this low. But unfortunately Bungie/343 HAD to make it play more like CoD.

Those two titles aside, the series was genre-changing. What FPS in the last decade hasn't drawn some inspiration from Combat Evolved? Heck, MLG, and arguably eSports in general, probably wouldn't be where it is now were it not for the rise of MLG in the Halo 2 days.

I actually really like the story and Campaign in general (in case you haven't noticed, I really like story-heavy games). The whole reason I even started playing Halo in the first place was playing the Campaign co-op with my dad, and the first couple of games certainly carry a number of memories because of that.

Halo 3 came out around the same time I got Xbox Live, and also brought about the birth of the Grifball community, something that I've been very closely involved with over the years. Some of my best friends I've met through that community, and even though I don't play much anymore, visiting with all of my fellow Grifballers at RTX each year has become something that I really look forward to every year.

6. Mass Effect
I love sci-fi, love action-RPGs, and love games that are heavily story-based. Because of that, it amazes me that I didn't pick up Mass Effect until ME3 came out. I'm glad I didn't miss out on this series, though, since it's been a blast to play and ME3's multiplayer led to me meeting some amazing friends as well.

7. Metroid
Specifically, the Metroid Prime series. Not many 3D games have done the classic Metroid/Castlevania open-world exploration focus well. The Metroid Prime series was one of them, and there arguably wasn't another game that's had the same level of open-world Metroidvania gameplay until Dark Souls.

I remember spending hours in the original Metroid Prime meticulously searching for stuff to scan. Good times.

8. Zelda
Considering that Ōkami and Zelda are based off similar formulas, it's probably no surprise that Zelda's on this list. I can't think of any other series in gaming history that's managed to reinvent the same formula so many times and nail it each time aside from maybe Pokemon. Yet despite it being rehashed so many times, Zelda games have never gotten old. That's a pretty big testament to how well they've been designed.

9. Star Wars: Battlefront / Battlefront II
Back when I first got my PS2, my dad and I would always play some sort of co-op game together every night. For many years, up until the Halo series, Battlefront (and it's sequel) was that game. Besides the memories, I don't think anybody would argue with me if I said the Battlefront series were some of the best Star Wars games ever made.

10. Prince of Persia
So, if you're one of those people who goes on and on about how revolutionary Assassin's Creed games were and how good the free-running in that game is, do me a favor right now: Go buy Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and play it. It's available for PC so there's no excuses.

It's not hard to see why AC's parkour/freerunning was so good - this is the series that basically invented it, and Ubisoft certainly took a lot of the experience with that franchise and applied it to the AC series. Not to bash on Assassin's Creed - that's another series that nearly made it on this list. But this series was basically AC's granddaddy.

Alright so there's my annual wall-of-text, time to disappear again.

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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Games I play regularly:
Team Fortress 2 - fun Quake-based shooter. Rocket jumping is great fun. I have over 1700 hours logged.
League of Legends - you know I love the big game.
Risk of Rain - platformer roguelike that's great with friends.
Osu! - a titan of a rhythm game that's good for a quick distraction.

Older favorites:
Minecraft - I have sunk a lot of time and coding into this game over the years and it's definitely a favorite, but I don't really play it as a game these days, only to do development.
Primordia - atmospheric point-and-click with memorable characters, good puzzles, and an engaging story.
Galactic Civilizations - old-Civ-style 4X in space. What's not to love?
Colobot - space colonization adventure starring programming in a way that isn't awkward or contrived.
Roller Coaster Tycoon - loved this classic and its sequel; 3 was alright too.
Trainz Simulator series - long-running series of train simulators that I loved as a kid. Not to be confused with Train Simulator.
Humongous Entertainment games - classic collection of superb kid-friendly point-and-clicks.
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Spyro, Rachet & Clank, Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter (The Insomniac and Naughty Dog ones) are all on my list.

Also Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, Team Fortress 2, Portal 1 & 2, Magic: the Gathering and Settlers of Catan (No one said they had to be video games)

Dink Smallwood also has a special place in my heart. I wouldn't have found Hamumu without it.
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

MegaZuex - A game similar in nature to SWC except way more flexible. But only comes in ASCII graphics. Though some of the ASCII graphics are pretty good.
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Team Fortress 2, I play it a lot, mostly Mann vs. Machine.

Minecraft, did a lot on it ever since I bought it, from hosting servers to modding.

Runescape, even though it's widely disliked by many as of now, I've always liked playing it, ever since back at 2004 when I started my account.

Mount & Blade, a non-fantasy medieval RPG, very fun to play.

, I liked it a LOT when I was a kid, was my first contact with anything programming related, and found it to be very fun too.

League of Legends, played it a lot until I realized I really didn't like the toxic community. But I still like the game itself.

Civilization series
, even though I was never good at it, I've played it a lot, usually the whole session at one sitting,

Pokémon series, I'm probably one of the few who play it for the story (which is admittedly not so good, but I still like it somehow, I guess I like the premise more), I've played every single game, ever since I was a kid and didn't understand english at all, but still liked the game anyway.

The Stanley Parable, I simply had a really good time playing it. Wish there was more of it.

Planescape: Torment, had a lot of fun playing it.

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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

I think im one of the few that found the Stanley Parable really disappointing... Best bit about it is the Dota 2 announcer pack
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Post Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Before i played Hamumu's games, i thought that clash of clan was the best game, But Hamumu's game is now so much greater than other, and the games i love the most now is Growtopia , it is the number 18 in Appstore now (maybe it is higher cause i checked it 2 weeks ago).Growtopia is very fun.Growtopia can be enjoyed by everyone.I want to try another Hamumu's games.By looking at the game themes i can easily say that Hamumu's games is fun.I'll try the adventure games first.
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Swords And Swocery - Really mystical and very unique game.
Megazuex - Very charming ASCII game.
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Thumbs up Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Originally Posted by REACTOR
Swords And Swocery - Really mystical and very unique game.
I found this game to be really enjoyable. What it lacked in gameplay it more than made up for with the fantastic soundtrack and art style. The whole narration thing and storyline were neat as well.

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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Kingdom of Loathing
Iif you try it, message me - my name there is also Hammered
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Default Re: Favorite Non-Hamumu Games!

Portal and Portal 2 at 80% off for $5 on steam at the moment, definitely recommend to pick it up.
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