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Default HTML/CSS Help

I've been making fun little webpages in my free time, and I'm having trouble with one. I have two buttons, "Germany" and "Czech Republic". Here's the URL: http://zix.supernuker.com/thi/pnemaps.html
I want to make it so the "clickable region" of each button is limited to its opaque pixels (if that makes any bit of sense).
Here's the HTML:
HTML Code:
<!DOCTYPE html>

        <link rel=stylesheet href="http://zix.supernuker.com/thi/pnemaps.css" type="text/css">
        <title>pne: Maps</title>
        <a class="country" class="europe_cou" id="cou_europe_germany_b" href="#">
                  <p id="cou_europe_germany_t">Germany</p>
        <a class="country" class="europe_cou" id="cou_europe_czech-republic_b" href="#">
                  <p id="cou_europe_czech-republic_t">Czech Republic</p>

and here's the CSS:
body {
    font-family: "Open Sans", sans-serif;

/* For all countries */

.country {
    display: block;
    color: #000000;
    text-decoration: none;
    text-align: center;

/* For all countries in Europe */

.europe_cou {


/* Germany, Europe */

#cou_europe_germany_b {
    width: 97px;
    height: 129px;
    background-image: url(http://zix.supernuker.com/thi/pnemaps_button_germany.png);

#cou_europe_germany_b:hover {
    background-position: 97px;

#cou_europe_germany_t {
    font-size: 16px;
  padding-top: 43px;

/* Czech Republic, Europe */

#cou_europe_czech-republic_b {
    width: 71px;
    height: 41px;
    background-image: url(http://zix.supernuker.com/thi/pnemaps_button_czech-republic.png);
  margin: -75px 0px 0px 69px;

#cou_europe_czech-republic_b:hover {
    background-position: 71px;

#cou_europe_czech-republic_t {
  font-size: 10px;
  margin-left: 1px;
  padding-top: 11px;
  line-height: 10px;

I've read a little bit about <map>, <area>, svg, etc.. but I have no idea how to incorporate it into my code. If anybody could help me with this, I'd be very much grateful.
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