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Default All Time Creepiest

For me the creepiest video game and creepiest movie exist in different universes, but are very similar...

Video Game: The mother of all creepy games in my opinion is Dead Space. Humans make transformations into horrible less than human things in Dead Space. Oh and I forgot to mention that they are extraordinarily unpredictable and use the vents to get around and sneak up on you. Dead Space also has horrifying sound effects that make the monsters even more intimidating. If I could put the Dead Space video game into words I would say, it is as if you're walking into a nightmare. I've probably beat this game a little over half a dozen times and the game still gives me the creeps a bit.

Movie: The Thing (1982) is the movie that gave me the most chills. However I could arguably say that Stephen King's IT gave me a similar experience. IT is mediocre nowadays to me. I've watched The Thing at least a dozen times and it is no longer scary for me, but I remember having to close my eyes like crazy. Heck just a few months ago, my aunt watched it for the first time and had to close her eyes and she is like 60. This movie is similar to Dead Space because it again features horrifying transformations from human to less than human nightmare things.

If you can handle a little gore (nothing unbearable or I wouldn't have played or watched these things) these are golden sources of entertainment and I suggest you check out these fantastic pieces of art!
Am I PARANOID? Or am I... actually, nope probably just paranoid.

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