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Puny Mortal
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Default Dr. Lunatic SWC on Android?


Are there any plans of porting Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese to Android?

It would be awesome
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Default Re: Dr. Lunatic SWC on Android?

Likely not, it's age-old (from 2003) technology, before Android came to be.
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Default Re: Dr. Lunatic SWC on Android?

Originally Posted by mugsy View Post

Are there any plans of porting Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese to Android?

It would be awesome
It depends entirely on whether there would be a market for it. Currently, the Android platform and other hand-held device platforms are pretty saturated at the moment. If Mike Hommel, the developer of the game you mentioned, did port it to Android, most probably very few or none at all would buy it.
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Default Re: Dr. Lunatic SWC on Android?

As others have mentioned, SWC is likely too old for a port to mobile to be viable - most if not all of it would likely have to be rewritten to run on modern mobile operation systems and to incorporate touch controls smoothly. It's also unlikely it would see a considerable number of sales, taking into account the age of the game and the lack of a sizable market for it--not to mention the fact that the gameplay itself and scale of the game isn't really suited for mobile devices in the first place. Generally, the only games that see any sizable amount of success in the mobile market are games with short play sessions that are easy to get into and drop out of. SWC, like most larger-scale games created for PC/consoles, simply isn't built that way.

The time required to create a functional, well-polished mobile port (or the money to pay a company to do so) is simply too much for what would be a minimal return.

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