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Default Ponies: A Summation

The Internet, via it's mysterious machinations, has filled my head with pony knowledge. I will write it here to free my self. Here is hyperme's guide to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


In the magical land of Ponytopia, the Elementals of Harmony encounter friendship related problems. Only by studying the nature of friendship itself can these problems be solved. Also, ponies have special abilities represented an emblem.

Elementals of Harmony

Each of these ponies hold a piece of the Element of Harmony, a magic rainbow Sun Pony and Moon Pony stole from a Tree to stop Discord. They are:

Neurotic Pony: A purple unicorn with the power of magic. Since friendship is magic, she can solve many problems in the show. Once took over an entire town because she had writer's block. Eventually becomes a Super Pony via a secret magic/friendship technique.

Vain Pony: A white unicorn. Proving that pride and greed don't always intersect, she is the charitable one. Their ability is fashion or gems or something? Likes spa visits.

Sky Pony: A blue pegasus. Since they can control the weather and fly crazy fast, they are 20% cooler than other ponies. Ironically has a turtle. Has the special ability of rainbow lightning and the is the elemental of hanging out.

Shy Pony: A yellow pegasus. Basically scared of everything. Also the elemental of Niceness. Once stared down a dragon. They are also an established entomologist.

Party Pony: A pink pony. The wacky meta character who always makes Sparkle Dawn confused with wacky hi-jinks. As the elemental of social gatherings, with the party ability, she can organize any event involving two or more beings.

Country Pony: An orange pony. Honest and down to earth, Applejack's intense honest can even affect this text! Their talent is apple farming, which is actually pretty good. But Ponytown has bad soil or something. Has a hat.

Super Ponies

Ponies that have horns, wings and... good hooves? They have extra cool abilities.

Sun Pony: A White Super Pony, with an actual rainbow mane. Runs the Sun. This would make her super OP, so she can only fight villains when atomizing them would kill many innocent bystanders.

Moon Pony: A Navy Blue Super Pony, with a SPACE MANE. Runs the Moon. When though an intense goth phase, and is thus 1000 years behind the times. See also: Nightmare Moon.

Love Pony: A Pink Super Pony. Does something with love. Married Twilight Dawn's brother. Doesn't like Fake Pony Prime, who tried to ruin the wedding and whom steals love.

Magic Pony: Neurotic Pony after transforming. Still purple. Now worries about administration.


A group of even smaller ponies, trying to discover their special abilities. Which turn out to be special abilities! Amazing!

Appletini: A mini-version of Applejack, but yellow. Has a bow. Lives on a farm.

Sugar Mane: A mini-version of Vain Pony. Some people think she's a robot, which is crazy.

Scooter Pony: Fan of Sky Pony. Wants to become as awesome as Sky Pony.


Evil beings who hate friendship and try to ruin things. Not even prone to singing their plans, which even Scar did.

Nightmare Moon: The Mare of the Night, the Night Mare, the Dark Moon. Moon Pony's goth phase. Also her massively evil phase, since she decided the best way to get respect would be eternal night. Sent to the moon for her crimes, and later blasted with the Magic Rainbow of Friendship.

Nightmare Star: Card game only villain. Wants to cause eternal day. Why the evil version of Sun Pony would use the word Nightmare in their name is anyone's guess.

Discord: Mad god of chaos. Can control the Sun and Moon, the sky and the earth, and basically everything in between. Actually manages to disable the elementals of harmony, by tricking them into being unfriendly. Spends a lot of time being a rock, which not entirely unearned. Then turns good due friendship. Then turns evil, but gets betrayed and turns good again. Chaotic!

Fake Pony Prime: Evil insect-like pony, who rules an entire hive of Fake Ponies. They pretend to be ponies, then steal their love and bone marrow when the opportunity presents itself. Overdoses on love, and is never seen again.

Shadow Pony: Fails to achieve anything, basically. Doesn't even talk. Once hid a the kingdom of Pony Canada, but that was years ago.

Tirek: In the original My Little Pony, turns Ponies into dragons to save on employment costs. In the new show, he wants to steal the pony's lucky charms, to avoid having to work to gain skills. Teams up with Discord, betrays him, and gets stopped by an extra-strength rainbow.

Maths Pony: Like Tirek, steals abilities. However, she replaces them with the ability to do maths. Loses because no matter how good your encryption, maths can't stop a Super Pony. Later travels through time, allowing each villain a turn to win. Eventually finds out that messing with time is bad, and reforms.

Human Pony: Hated friendship so much she traveled to a world full of humans. Later stole and tried to use a friendship powered artifact to take over both worlds. This ends about as well as you might think. Turns good afterwards, due to exposure to concentrated friendship.

Neurotic Human: The human version of Magic Pony. Tries to combine science and magic. This almost destroys the world. Whoops!


Also, there is a dragon. He works for Magic Pony, so was assuredly evil in a past life.
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