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Default Re: Is anyone still there? (I feel so old)

I still read the forums near-daily, but there's not much to post about, especially since Growtopia turned out to not quite be my game. I tenuously completed two years of a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and am working on taking things from there. I still enjoy reverse engineering and studying programming languages, and sometimes do gamedev for fun even though I'm not very good at it. (Maybe if I finish a project for once, I'll post it here.)

Hamumu was a big part of my life, helping foster my (admittedly pre-existing) interest in gamedev and CS, and some really strong friendships - I still hang out online with Davedude, Blackduck, Redbone, Kerma, and moltanem2000 on a regular basis to this day.

I finally just recently completed Supreme with Cheese 100% (after maybe 3 or 4 bursts of activity, with many months in-between), and intend to get around to pushing my Halloween Horror worlds through review and finish compiling my Lost Levels, and if I can solve some more bugs get one more bugfix release in to Jamul, but I'll probably be putting SWC down for some time after that. It's been a very long-lasting game.

It's been great to read everyone else's posts in the thread. Best of luck to you all!
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