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Default Re: Why isn't this (and the other games) on Steam?

Originally Posted by seamonkey View Post
Well in the US charities have are pretty heavily regulated via tax returns. The government wants to make sure organizations that are tax exempt. (and Child's Play is a 501c3 meaning it is classified as tax exempt) This is where a company reports what it spent money on, where it got money etc in order to comply with the law. In general these laws are pretty good at preventing self-interested fraud. I might be a bit biased because Child's Play is headquartered like a half hour away from where I live, but Child's play is great. They used 86% of their resources for program things. (https://www.sos.wa.gov/charities/sea...arity_id=22315)

There's also a very large amount of testimony from people who have been helped which is further proof.
Can the public see such spending data?

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Default Re: Why isn't this (and the other games) on Steam?

You can see a basic overview of what is public and not public here

If anything looks of the government will generally perform an audit - which is the government attempting to stop criminal activity and charities stealing in general.
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