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Mike, today at Media Play I found an action arcade collection of 100 games from Galaxy Games (when I went to their web sight it said they were out of business). The Amazin SPISPOP'D was on it. Is this the same game I paid 11 dollars for, or could it be the original that someone else rewrote for windows? Speaking of which, did you just give up on adding to the game as mentioned in a previous post? Did you have a deal with Galaxy Games as well as e-games, or could they be one and the same. What is the deal here, because if that were the original dos game, I'd go for it and hope it was the whole game and not some short special version.
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No, the original DOS game is just SPISPOPD. Amazin' SPISPOPD is the candle-grabbing maze-chase game. Nobody has rewritten the original! I would venture a very solid guess that those 100 games you're getting for 10 bucks are all either freeware games or unregistered shareware games. You would surely get the unregistered version of Amazin' SPISPOPD. I have given the rights to distribute that rather freely, since I want as many people as possible to have it. It doesn't delight me to hear it's on a scam type of CD like that, but it's not such a bad scam, as long as people realize what they're getting. Saves them the trouble of digging around the web and trying to find games themselves. Anyway, I am nearly certain that's what you'd find. If it is in fact a registered version, then they would be crushed under the might of my crack legal team in moments, as that is a whole lot worse than just stealing from me...

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software


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