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I have been up and down the BBS'es and the internet, searching for Jamul Software's never-finished " Mucho Kombat" game (1993-1994). However, I have had absolutely no luck whatsoever. I am posting here in case some Hamumu fans were former BBS'ers and may have run across the game at one point or another.

The game was a small, 400K download. It originally appeared on a BBS called, "The Dream". The game was unfinished and featured only one character, called "Reggae Boy". The game screen was very small. As a result, the character looked very tiny - flea-like, if you will. The game used adlib (opl2) music and Creative Voice (.VOC) sound. It was quite simplistic, but I enjoyed it when I still had my copy. It was a game with a good bit of potential.

I have spoken with Hamumu staff, who report that they lost -their- copy of the game also. I lost my copy to a disk error; they lost theirs to a hard disc failure.

This is a longshot, and I don't expect anyone will be able to help out. However, I am trying my best to find this game and secure a copy of it again. If you have any helpful information (or a copy of the game itself), please inform me via e-mail (deathadder@superfighter.com).

Thanks for reading. Take care, all.

Death Adder

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