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Originally Posted by The Emperor Master
Originally Posted by Warmaster129

Emperor Master:
get some more RAM, man! I don't even want to think about how much of a bottleneck that is.
why would i need more ram when i got TWO GIGABYTES OF IT?
1 gigabyte=1024 megabytes if i'm correct
2 gigabytes=2048 megabytes of ram, again, if i'm correct
why would i need more ram when i got about 2000 megabytes of it?
What? Err...
Okay, somehow I garbled things up while reading and thought you had 256mb of RAM.

Though I have no idea who would really need 2 gigs of RAM...
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Dave Hettel
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nobody really does need that much ram. 512mb should be good enough for now.
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Nailed It!
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Mr. Gates once said that nobody should need more than 256K of memory. Subsequently, his company produced products to prove him wrong.
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Code name 47
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well spotted warmaster on my post. I made a few mistakes there. the video card and the screen resolution is what you said i think.
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